Saturday, January 10, 2015

31 day blogging challenge

I have been finding it really hard this year to write regularly on my blog and it has made me really sad. I planned on making a huge effort this year and things just haven't gone to plan.
I think I just needed some motivation and so I sat down today and managed to get some research sorted.

I browsed Google for ideas and eventually found myself on Pinterest! Doesn't matter what I am doing I ALWAYS end up on Pinterest.....it is my life and I refuse to stay away. I managed to find a very cool way of blogging with a 31 day blog challenge so I am getting started today.
My blog is very much intended for sharing my love of food, books and life but I thought why not try out this little challenge and see if it gets me into the habit of writing everyday and helping me make my blog more fun and maybe inspire me to create even more ideas for myself.

So here goes!
Day 1 is an introduction to my 31 days, which is basically what I have just written about. I would also like to let you all in on a few special events that are coming up for me that I am SUPER excited about.

1. We are planning a holiday to BALI.......again! We leave on the plane in just 16 days (yep I have a countdown app on my phone), it will be for our first wedding anniversary and we will be taking the munchkins with us YAY!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! - and I will definitely be blogging about that adventure for sure :D

2. My sister, who lives in the UK has booked her flights to come over and visit us in July!!! (insert excited squeal here) I have missed her SO much and I just can not WAIT for her to arrive.

3. Now that it is officially 2015 it means that NEXT year will be my (gulp!) 30th birthday! With my love of everything fairy-tales and also my love of Beauty and the Beast I have decided to throw a "Disney" themed birthday party with the help of my basically adopted Mum :D So if anyone has any ideas for that let me know in the comments! I have never had a big party so I am hoping that this one works out.

That's all the news for now. I will be back again tomorrow with....'20 Facts About Me" so stay tuned.

Liane xxx

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