Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bali Holiday Pause

I have been in Bali for 4 days now and I have loved every second but I haven't been able to blog everyday as we have found it very hard to get wifi in Kuta. 

We are now up in Ubud and the wifi is amazing so I'm just doing a quick blog today to say that I am pausing my 31 days of blog posts die to not always knowing what wifi I will be getting everyday. I have been writing lots in my journal here so I will be doing some Bali blogs when I get back home and then I will be resuming my 31 days of blog posts after that. 

P.s you should see the room I am staying in the next 4 nights! It seriously rocks! Here is a sneak peek from the lounge area as we have a 2 bedroom suite here :) 

The photo just doesn't do it justice but I will show you all better photos later. 

Liane xx 

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