Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Most Proud Moment

Today's post is by far the easiest, obviously being a mother my most proud moment was giving birth to a tiny little human who turned out to be a groovy little dude.

That day was a pretty crazy (and painful) day and it also happened to be Mothers Day. My son also seems to have perfect timing. I can't withstand pain very well at all in normal circumstances so I was absolutely dreading the day he arrived. However I stayed strong and with no pain relief whatsoever I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy after a long 10 hour labour. At the time I wasn't too impressed but now looking back on it I am extremely proud of myself for going through all of that and especially at such a young age of 17. I wouldn't change becoming a young mother at all. Sure I missed out on parts of being a teenager and living the free life but my son has taught me so much about the real world and now he is almost grown up I can go and explore the world without being too old to enjoy it.

As my little munchkin grew up I realised I was going to be in for some serious trouble as his curly hair and big eyes drew attention to everyone in the shopping centres, kindy, parks etc. Everywhere I went somewhere came up and told me how gorgeous he was.....like I didn't already know! haha. Then when Kindy time came I knew I was doomed. The girls all wanted to be his best friend.

Then came primary school!!
The girls followed him everywhere. When I went down to the school one day to see him at sports day my now husband and I giggled from the hill as we watched a bunch of girls following along behind him everywhere he went and my little man just ignored it and played war with his mates, turning around every now and then with a grin at the girls.

This year my little man turns 12 and I just do not where those 12 years went but I do know that my little munchkin is the best thing that ever happened to me and I am so proud of myself for the mother I have become, I never thought that I would survive and I really didn't think that he would turn out normal having to have me as a mother but we have succeeded and there are many more years of fun to come :D

What is your most proud moment???

Stay tuned tomorrow for: - 'If I Won the Lottery?'

Liane xx

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