Thursday, January 15, 2015

3 personality traits I am proud of!

For today's post I thought about all my personality traits and I was trying to pick just three that I am proud of. It was hard because I am quite proud of who I am in general. Now if the question was "what 3 personality traits are you not proud of" that would be much easier to think up.
I'm impulsive which I hate because I wish I could think properly before I made decisions, it would make my life so much easier and I probably wouldn't buy silly crap just because it looked good at the time.
I'm also sarcastic when I'm in a bad mood which as everyone knows can be amusing at times but can also hurt someone's feelings at other times and the other one I hate is my trust in people. I trust too easily. I befriend everyone as quickly as you can click your fingers and I always expect that you feel the exact same way about me and then I get burned. I let people in easily and they seem to just walk all over me. It's a crazy situation sometimes but I can't help it I love people and I love to be around people and take them into my world.

After I ran these through my mind I found this picture which pretty much sums up my best personality traits and also I believe compliments my bad ones:

My 3 personality traits that I am proud of:

As you already know from previous posts I do not consider myself a grown up! I'm just a big kid at heart and being silly is the best! It means I can muck around with my kids and have fun, it means I can make other people smile when they are sad and it means that I can have fun with my Husband and make him laugh too. Sure there are times when being silly isn't appropriate and you have to be serious but the fact that I can just be silly and have fun is what life is all about.

The greatest part about my relationship with my Husband is that when we met he was much more responsible than me. He was grown up and mature and I was immature and silly and not very responsible but he saw the big heart behind that. It didn't take long for our opposites to actually fit together perfectly. We didn't change each other we just complimented each other. His traits rubbed off on me and showed me that I can be responsible while still being me and I brought laughter and a little silliness into his world without changing the person he is. We are like a jigsaw puzzle that was just missing that final piece to make everything whole.

I like that I am an honest person. I always try to be honest with everyone and I try and teach my kids to be honest. If you break something you tell someone so they can fix it as quickly as possible, you don't leave it and pretend it will go away. If someone you know has something sticking in their hair, you tell them so they don't walk around looking ridiculous. So many relationships are destroyed because people just can't be honest with each other. Friendships are destroyed because people can't talk to each other but talk behind closed doors. It's a crazy world and I am very proud that I work hard to try and be as honest as I can. Obviously there are times where honesty can be hard but we really do have to try our very best.


My Mum always taught me to be kind to others and it is the greatest thing she ever taught me. If someone was alone in the playground I would invite them to play, if someone looked sad I would give them a smile. It doesn't take much to be kind to others but it is something people just forget to do while they are busy running around in their day to day lives. We should never forget to give out kindness. It was just a few months ago that I saw an old lady really struggling trying to get her groceries into the back of her car at the supermarket so I placed my own bags on the ground near my car and ran over to assist. It only took 30 seconds of my time but the lady looked at me with such happiness and told me that she had been through the worst day that day and that nothing had gone right and my kindness had really cheered her up as she didn't think there were any kind people left in the world. She walked away with a smile and so did I. Just 30 seconds of my day! rebooted somebody's entire day. Can you believe that?
At Christmas time I was in a mad rush to get my shopping done and in the rush I had forgotten my bank card. So when I got to the registers and I couldn't find it my heart filled with dread and I knew I would have to go back home and come back out again. I had cash on me but I was $5 short. In the end I decided to put my milk and kids chocolates back and come back later but a woman behind me said "don't be silly" she pulled out her credit card and turned to the cashier and said "just put them through on mine and let her have them, it's Christmas". That time I walked away with a smile as she had completely restored my faith in people and when I thanked her about a hundred times she simply shook it off and said "just pass the kindness on"
Kindness is the best thing in the world that you can do for others. This personality trait is by far my favourite and I am so proud that my Mum showed me how to care for others and I hope that I can do as good a job and pass the trait onto my children.

Stay tuned tomorrow for - 'my 10 favourite foods'

Liane xx

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