Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Healthiness and Happiness

I am so proud of myself for the last few weeks. I have not only been going to the gym but I have also managed to keep up with my healthy eating. As I am not on a diet as such, due to being happy with my weight, I do have a day a week where I will treat myself or maybe have some alcohol but in general my eating has become much better. 

I think the main problem for me was the lack of water and too much caffeine so I have cut back on the amount of coffees I have a day and I have started carrying water bottles around with me. I have found that the healthier I eat the less coffee I need as I am so full of energy all day. I still have my morning coffee everyday though as that is just my 'thing' 

One of the biggest aids in my healthy eating has been keeping junk foods out of the house. I started by just putting together some mini bags of mixed fruit and nuts. After doing my weekly food shop one day I realised that buying all these pre-mix snack tubs of fruit and nut was so expensive so I purchased a bag of dried apples, apricots, sultanas and almonds and spent one of my evenings chopping them all up and making my own mix. So much cheaper and I get to put whatever I want into them. Easy easy. They are also really handy to have around or just chuck into your handbag on the way to work. 

After a few days I started researching some healthier snack food options because I realised that the kids can't take nuts to school due to peanut allergies with other kids. I found an idea on Pinterest for these cool pantry and fridge snack buckets! These have been an absolute saviour! 
I basically spend just one day chopping up fruit and veg and filling these buckets up. I make things like banana bread and muesli bars, boil eggs ready to go, add some dips, cheeses, yogurts, kabana etc so everything is ready to go. I also made a pantry bucket which includes things like crackers, popcorn in mini snack bags, fruit and nut bags, tuna cans etc. 
the buckets work out great because if anyone gets hungry in between meals they can just grab and go and also I have some great snack items to throw into lunch boxes all week. Perfection! 

Lunches have been fun to make too. This is the chicken Caesar salad I took into work one day last week. I already had the eggs boiled and ready to go at the start of the week so I just threw a salad together in the morning and added some chopped cooked chicken and bacon.......I didn't even need dressing it was so natural and so tasty!

So that has been a quick recap of my healthy week. I am trying super hard to continue with my healthy eating. As I don't need to specifically lose weight just be healthier I do have at least one day a week where I can just let loose and have some chocolate or something else but I find the more I eat healthy and natural foods the more I loose my cravings for junk foods :) 
My next step is to try and learn more about nutrition and reading food labels as I don't believe that I should be eating foods with labels of ingredients that sound like chemicals or scientific large words........

More on that as I progress 

Liane xx 

Thursday, October 23, 2014


My house is full of things......So many things, and all I want to do is throw away those things and make my house look normal or at least organised and a little sophisticated.

This week has been a tough week in my household. You always see blogs about people decluttering and I swear it just looks so easy and so exciting and so perfect,  but let's just get back to the reality of it all shall we? It's not all perfect, fun or easy! I decided to  start decluttering my house with the whole intention of throwing out what I didn't want, donating things to goodwill and maybe selling some bits and pieces from my four walls of madness. I am half way through and let's just say it has been one crazy rollercoaster ride.

First off I decided to start in my lounge room which wasn't such a big ordeal as I had only just sorted through it a few months ago when we got our new television. The worst part about my lounge room though is that we don't have a lot of storage space for books and anyone who knows me knows that my books are my life and I do not just throw them away willy nilly! No way in hell!!!

I managed to declutter SOME books but not many and my only problem now is that this book lover doesn't own a proper bookcase so most of my books are now leaning against each other on a wall but overall my lounge room looks WAY better. Finding a home for my books has caused tension between me and my husband as he believes that:
1. I don't need so many books when we live in a digital world and I own a Kindle and
2. that we can't really afford to buy new bookcases when we have better things to be worrying about and
3. The bookcase I could afford and wanted wouldn't fit in the space we have. 
I must admit that points 2 and 3 are very reasonable arguments but being a woman who is very much in love with her book collection and has a weird obsession with paperbacks at the time of the discussions I just couldn't let it go.......hence the tension. The first point?? you may ask........well that's a whole other story and I just can't go there because it makes me mad.......But let's just say that the books will always stay kindle or no kindle and that's the end of that! (and I believe my Husband knows this) If I had millions of dollars I would have a room like this:

And if I was better at being organised it would look like this:

 Now back to my crazy week and reality:

After the Lounge room had been moderately decluttered and looked nicer I ended up getting distracted for a few hours on Pinterest and found even more things to browse through on decluttering and home organisation and I read that the best thing you can do when decluttering is to start in the kitchen as it is the 'drop zone' for the whole family when they get home. This made perfect sense to me so of course I headed out and managed to find a whole bunch of tubs to use to make my kitchen adventure easier. 

The kitchen was a bit harder than the loungeroom as there was lots of foods to check out and of course lots of utensils and drawers to reorganise but in the end I got there. Thank you to Coles for having these AWESOME tubs on sale and to my newsagency who had these cool sticky labels which kept me from buying an electronic labeller.......money I really shouldn't be spending! especially when tensions are running high over here. These guys cost me $12 a set and there was 6 assorted tubs in a set. This is one of the parts of decluttering this week that I was extremely happy with and was worth the money and the labels cost me just $3 for a set of 40.

I got rid of all the packets in my kitchen so that now my cupboard just consists of tubs! SO much easier to manage and I can see everything so clearly (I almost cried at this point with excitement).

So my first day of organisation had lots of ups and downs and lots of work but the following days were where everything started getting tough.
Everything I had put into boxes for donations or friends or selling was now in my hall way and I realised that I had to cook dinner, get my food shopping, go to work the next day and get over a horrible sickness. I also realised that I still had 6 rooms to go. Ugh! The boxes stayed in the hallway for a few days and littered the dining room and everyone in the house started to feel the stress of walking around things, tripping and trying to work around the mess. I was so stressed at being sick and was feeling depressed at the state of my house that instead of packing everything up in the car and getting it out the house before moving on, I decided on day 4 to start on my bedroom............

Huge Mistake

The house filled up with items from the bedroom. My Husband started feeling stressed out at me trying to 'fix' everything in the house and organise and I was getting stressed trying to find places for things to go and also from saying goodbye to so many of my 'things'. So of course when i'm stressed out and frustrated I go shopping as there is nothing like some retail therapy to cheer you up.
I ended up purchasing a new mini bookshelf for my bedroom to hold my PEZ collection (yep you heard correctly) and also to hold my Johnny Depp DVD collection.......can't have them on the flor now can we. The bookcase was from Target and cost me $39.......yep more money spent.....although this time i'm not entirely sure it was worth it. Yes it did get stuff off of the floor which makes my room look much better but it isn't the most ideal piece of furniture and it's probably not going to be long term. The bookcase was also a terrible pain in the ass to put together for someone who never builds anything and can't follow instructions.SO after cheering myself up I just got cranky again.

After all of that I finally decided on day 5 to start clearing the stuff out of my house. I loaded up a box full of things to give away to my Best Friend and her daughter. They ended up getting my old clothes and also childrens books, old blankies and other bits and bobs. I took about 3 boxes and 4 bags of items to the Salvation Army as donations and I managed to sell a box of 98 DVDs online cheap to somebody whom we discovered upon delivery were purchased to entertain a sick gentleman who is bedridden and enjoys watching films :D This made me feel just a little bit more cheerful.

Now I am currently working on finishing my Husband's side of the bedroom and then I will have 4 and a half more rooms to go. My mission is to stay focused and work one room at a time. There is still a lot of work to be done but I think with persistance, hard work and communication with the whole family I will get it all done and it will hopefully look amazing at the end.

Wish me luck
Liane xx

P.s next blog will contain some before and afters....something I forgot to do for the first few rooms!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Book Club and Other Adventures

So I have been sick the last few days and feeling pretty miserable. My throat has felt like razor blades, my nose is all stuffy, I sound like a man and my ear hurts..........other than that life is swell :) 
I'm especially happy about my new life adventures this week. In spite of feeling sick I certainly did get off my butt and get involved in life as much as I could. 

One thing that has put a massive smile on my face is that I FINALLY joined a book club! Yay!! It's only been about 20 years of me dreaming of being in a real life book club. I joined up today in fact and picked up my first book 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak. I'm super excited already and I have a few weeks to finish the book and then get talking away. How awesome!! I will get to talk to adults about books......my life is almost complete yay!! 

I joined a gym......again! 
I know I joined the gym before so this isn't such exciting news BUT this one looks so much better than the other one, much more friendlier and welcoming AND i am back into motivation town and can feel my life heading in the right direction so I need to keep fit to keep up! 
I have also been looking at some photography classes, writing classes and videography classes. I would really like to find some hobbies that inspire me also that will allow me to be expressive and all about me. The book club I joined today also has a writing workshop so that is my first step and as for photography etc I am saving up for a good camera. I would very much like to start a Vlog and see if I can practice playing around with cameras so stay tuned for news on that! 

I'm not the only one that has started some new adventures this week. master 11 has decided to try out table tennis at the local club. I'm so happy to see him trying to get out and about and have fun with other kids. It always great to see kids living life to its fullest instead of hiding away in dark spaces and being part of the community is the best thing you can do. I am trying my hardest to get out there more and inspire my kids. 

Ciao for now 
Liane xx 

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Utopia, Fault in our Stars and Positive Polly

So lately I have been watching a new television series called Utopia with my husband! Let's just say that I am totally hooked. I really do love it when I am able to find a show that both my husband and myself get excited about. this doesn't happen a lot because I tend to become obsessed with pretty cheesy shows but every now and then something slips through that we both love to snuggle up on the couch to and watch together. 
These have included, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire and Fargo. utopia has become the latest obsession and we are LOVING it! The show is dark and twisted and brutal but I love the characters and the twisted plot. The relationships formed have me hooked from best friend kids, lovers or even the prostitute and wife dilemma I just have myself glued to the screen. 
I highly recommend watching it if you haven't already. We are just about to watch season 2 yay!!

Okay now to the latest book I have read. I have tried to stay away from The Fault in our Stars due to it being a cancer novel and as my mother passed away last year from cancer I just couldn't bring myself to read it. My daughter is obsessed with the book and the writer so I decided when I got my new iPad that I would read the sample on kindle and see what it was all about. I got hooked and wanted to read more so I purchased the whole book and I must admit I was a little disappointed in the end. I don't think it was the storyline that bugged me I think it was the actual writing style of John Green that just didn't sit right with me. It was a very basic novel I thought and I have read so many books in my 28 years that this one just wasn't anything special but for teens I can see what the hype is about and why it is popular. 


I was browsing YouTube this week while I was doing the whole bored housewife thing and I came across some videos of Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and oh gosh did the tears flow on one.....

This video really went straight to my heart. How can someone so young have so much wisdom to share? Well it inspired me to want to live better, to listen to my children more and make sure that I always pay attention to them. Red Talks also gave me the will to want to take every day as it comes but also it has inspired me to want to make myself happy......because being a happy mother and a happy wife will make me love my family more and will make me appreciate life more. I want to be happy and I want to live a life for me one that I have chosen for myself and one that inspires me to not only care about others but also care about ME! 
So the positive Polly I me is looking into some life options at present.....I am looking at some things I can do in my life that I WANT to do and not what I have to do. I have started looking at some university courses, some writing options and also some hobby options as well :) 

Stay tuned for all the outcomes :p 

liane xxxx 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So far so good!

Ok so I know that I haven't been on here at all in the last few months and I must admit I have really really missed blogging but life has been a crazy adventure the last few months.

Just some of the work crew!
I am still working at the cafe which is the biggest reason for my lack of blogging. I have had lots of work days to get used to but I am SO in LOVE with my job it is absolutely bonkers! I   have made the greatest girlfriends imaginable at work, I love them to bits they make every day such a joy. I love being sociable with real people now instead of being a sad little lump that sat in my house all day dreaming of being sociable and thinking that Facebook was my only hope.

My customers are funny, quirky, adorable and crazy......they make every day so enjoyable and sometimes I want to kill them but who cares life is great :)

I closed my little handmade business down from online to focus more on my new job and my family and friends. Although I already miss it it has been a huge step for me and I am so grateful to have more time to spend being me and I get to focus on my health and well being more as well.

Speaking of my health I am currently working on a new health kick.......I know, I know......,for the millionth time I am trying a new health kick, but so far so good. I have been drinking plenty of water and I have cut back on my coffee consumption incredibly. I am quite proud of myself.
I definitely don't want to lose weight so I am not on a diet as such, more of a healthy and natural eating plan to stop me from feeling down in the dumps and tired all the time.

Another thing that has brightened my spirit the last few months is getting out of debt!! Yep you heard right I officially paid off all my old debts, stopped the annoying phone calls asking for money that I just didn't have and I even started a savings tin :D life is damn good!! I'm thinking a family holiday next year is in order with the way things are going and let's just say that my family need it after last years miseries.

Well that's enough from me for today. But stay tuned for more blogs as I plan on being a more active blogger. Sharing some recipes, some life joys and family adventures with you all!

Ciao for now
Liane xxxx

P.s I cut my hair! hehe new life, new adventures new ME :D

Monday, April 28, 2014

A bucket list, Jeffrey Deaver and a new career!

So it's the start of a new week and the future is looking bright!

A couple of weeks ago I got myself a new job.....yep the excitement was incredible! I have been looking for a job for years now and a couple weeks ago I got the phone call that started my new outlook on life......
That's all it took, one phone call! Everything just seems to be falling into place right now so I'm walking around being all positive Polly. 
Ok back to the new job.....i am working for a bakery/coffee shop that is right near my home (I know right?, I get to work doing what I love AND don't have to drive far to do it) and it means that I will be able to start saving for my new bucket list and finally feel more independant! Perfection :) 

Bucket List? I hear you say......well yes! I started a bucket list. At the moment it contains 57 items of things to do before I die - I have made a collage and it is hanging in my dining room to remind me to save and get prepared for these adventures! I'll put up my bucket list here in another post soon :) 

This is my life quote at the moment! 

Another cool thing happening here at my humble abode....I have found a new love.....Jeffrey Deaver! A friend was selling some old books and I grabbed a few of them - this was months ago mind you - and I finally sat down and started one called 'The Vanished Man' 
I could NOT put it down and finished in just a few days....loved every second! 

As I excitedly explained the plot to my husband, including the description of the detective in a wheelchair, my husband announced that it sounded very similar to the movie character from The Bone Collector......this is where I put two and two together and realised that I was actually reading that same characters stories.....Lincoln Rhyme! I am now half way through 'The Bone Collector' novel and I have also purchased a few other Lincoln Rhyme adventures :) 

If you haven't read any of these Lincoln Rhyme thrillers I think there is about 10 or 11 different books in the series and I highly recommend them from what I have read so far so if you are a thriller buff get on it! 
In saying this I think I'm a bit slow and you have probably all heard of them haha this happens to me a lot.....I'm always the last to discover cool things

Liane xx 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Market Day

Today was market day! Most weekends you will find me out and about at a market. 

Markets have become a huge part of my life. The social side of it is what I crave the most. I have made so many wonderful long lasting friendships from my time at markets. 

Today I was at the Market on Oaklands and it was a lovely day. Our table was set up selling our jewellery, accessories and sewing items! 

I am working on my table set up at the moment so I'm hoping to document the growth of my stall this year on this blog. I would love to look back and see how I came about creating my stall space. 

Even though markets are long days and tiring to get ready for I don't think I could ask for anything more. Markets have pushed me to better myself and to have more confidence. I wish I could do this forever..........

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Downton Abbey Obsession

Yep I have an obsession! 

Well actually I have lots of obsessions! It seems that I become easily obsessed with things! Pez dispensers, Johnny Depp movies and tshirts (I even have a Johnny Depp Pez dispenser! Go figure), Robbie Williams merchandise, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, the rat pack, Disney movies, Greys Anatomy.....you see what I mean? I can go on and on....I have little collections all over the house! 

But the newest obsession has been Downton Abbey! Oh my gosh! I just want to fall into a Downton Abbey episode and live there.....sigh! What I would give to live in that era.....where people actually talk to each other all day and wear fancy clothes and drink tea.....I just love it! 

The women look so classy and mature and just don't get me started on that house. The decor is Devine! I have decided to create my house in this style.....more reasons to get out and do some antique/vintage shopping :) 

Talking about shopping, I headed out today with my husband (yeah I still love saying that word hehe) and with my new obsession on my mind I noticed this book on the shelf at BigW and of course I had to grab it......

It's called 'While We Were Watching Downton Abbey' and apparently it's about a group of women who get together and watch Downton Abbey and all realise things about themselves....similar to 'the Jane Austen Book Club'.......so it looks like it will be right up my alley! I will let you know what it's like when I'm finished! 

Now I'm going to grab a cup of tea and snuggle in for a night of the latest Downton Abbey episodes :) 

Sigh! The characters in this show totally rock! 

Night all and keep smiling xx 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Juicing and flowers

Being a wife is starting to affect my daily duties. In the most amazing way possible! I am happier and the life around me is becoming a happier place too.....which is strange because I was happy before but this is a whole new version of happy!

I have flowers in my house.....not the fake ones.....the real ones! My house smells lovely and I keep seeing pops of colour! Go figure! I want to get out into the garden and grow everything......more flowers for a start so I can fill my house with more colours every week.

And the juicing? Well don't get me started! Since being on my honeymoon in Bali I'm addicted to juicing so if course I want to get started on my veggie patch and herb garden....like immediately! 

The house is having a make over with all my wifey ideas and plans....organisation is my new favourite word. 

But back to juicing (cause I've been doing housework all day and don't want to talk about it). I just made as crummy juice for my afternoon snack with my most hated thing.....spinach! And I am in love! Can you believe it? 

This one was simple: 

2 apples
A big handful of spinach
1 celery stalk
1/8th of a lime
And a handful of mint

Yum! That's all I can say.....

Now I'm going back to drawing up my garden plans!
Ciao xxx 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Wedding, Bali and New Year!

Well I haven't written on my blog for a really long time. Months and months and months in fact. I must say that I have missed it but during the end of last year I wasn't feeling very inspired as my Mum passed away and life just got jumbled up. 

2014 has been a great yer so far and it has very much brightened my spirit again and made me more inspired to be better at everything. To embrace life and live in adventure. 

On February 1st I married the man of my dreams and it was the best day of my life! Despite the 43 degree heat we had here in Adelaide. I probably picked the wrong dress with all my 16 layers of tulle and more but it was all worth it. The day ran perfectly and I was and still am the happiest woman in the world. 

After our wedding I was able to go on a honeymoon with my Husband and being my first real holiday it was like a dream and I learnt a lot about the world outside my little house in Adelaide. We went to Bali and my oh my what a culture change. I loved every second and it was so refreshing to see such community spirit and family love over there. I think I bought a little bit of that back with me. I want to be more involved with people and spend more of my time in the company of family and friends. 

The food over there was so similar but SO completely different. So wholesome and organic. it made me realise just how much crap we put into our food. So I have started being more wary of what I eat. I have pulled out my juicer which has been in my cupboard for a couple of eyes now and I now use it everyday! 

I will be using my blog to share my dreams, my love of food and my new found love of gardening and probably all the other things I plan on trying out this year. 

Stay tuned and keep smiling!
Love from me xxxxxxx