Sunday, January 11, 2015

20 Facts About Me!

I'm super excited about today's post as I can get to share with you twenty things all about me! I love to share who I am with others. I believe that everyone is unique and special and the internet has given us the tools to share with a wider audience and this is where new friendships are formed and people can be themselves. Obviously there are people out there who prey on those who are just trying to be themselves but I don't think that should stop anyone from sharing, I believe that for every one bully there are twenty beautiful people who you can make smile or even help just by sharing who you are. So don't be scared of being you! Because YOU are beautiful and the world needs to know who you are!

My 20 Facts:

Fact #1
I work in a cafe with the coolest people and love my job! (Yep not only do I love food I also get to work with food and make people happy with coffee)

Fact #2
I am the oldest of 10 siblings! My parents split after they had me and both decided it would be fun to have many more kids......which means I get to remember lots of birthdays and luckily I have plenty of love to give to all of them :P

Fact #3
I have a very bad but very cool obsession with collecting things......I have many collections and just can't stop! So far my cool collections include:
- Pez
- Golliwog Dolls
- Johnny Depp Films and merchandise
- Robbie Williams merchandise
- Enid Blyton Classics
and much more! once I like something i'm hooked!

Fact #4
Speaking of collections......I am obsessed with anything Disney! I have a nice collection of Disney DVD's as well as the full set of seven dwarves plush (including Snow White herself) and my favourite Disney movie EVER is Beauty and the Beast.

Fact #5
I love to sing when I am alone but will never sing in front of people. I sing WHAM! songs really loudly in the shower when nobody is home.

Fact #6
I would love to have tattoos but I am way to scared to get started. I have been researching which tattoos I would like and i'm hoping to get my very first on my 30th birthday but knowing me I will wimp out.

Fact #7
I have been in love with Robbie Williams since I was 8 years old and nobody has ever taken his place as my number 1 pop star EVER and I doubt they ever will. Take That is my number 1 band EVER! (which is where my love for Rob all began)

Fact #8
This one most of you know already. I love love love cooking and cooking shows and recipe books and masterchef and everything else based around cooking. I also love love love Jamie Oliver, Ainsley Harriot, Nadia Giosia and Marco Pierre White.

Fact #9
I love watching scary movies but I get so scared that I have to have a blanket to hide under when I watch them and my Husband says that I don't actually end up watching half the movie.

Fact #10
I don't know how to swim.

Fact #11
I'm afraid of spiders, reptiles, birds and basically anything that crawls. I wish I wasn't but I am.

Fact #12
My friends call me LeeLee and my Husband calls me Little Miss Sunshine or Baby :P

Fact #13
I'm secretly obsessed with Zoe Sugg. If she was my best friend I would be the happiest girl in the world and considering i'm almost 30 that just makes me really weird but I just don't care. I watch all her videos on YouTube and keep up to date on all her social media and for Christmas my Husband gave me a copy of her book which I loved!

Fact #14
When I was younger I wanted to play the violin but my Mum decided that I should start with the recorder. Then when I was in year 7 my music teacher told me that I would be good at Keyboard with my long fingers so my Mum thought that was a good idea. I gave up on playing music in year 10 but I still really really really want to learn to play the violin so that is on my bucket list!

Fact #15
I have a really really long bucket list that I turned into a poster and I am trying very hard to tick things off. This year one of the things I will be ticking off is a girls road trip with my bestie and my sister woot! - more on that later :D

Fact #16
I hate cream - whipped, thickened, whatever! Yuck! I can't stand it. But I love Icecream.

Fact #17
I get super obsessed with Pinterest and I actually scared my Husband the other day when he looked over my shoulder and saw how many things I have actually pinned........he just doesn't get Pinterest at all.

Fact #18
I was born in the UK but have lived in Australia for 19 years now. But I really want to go back to the UK at some point even just for one year to live in a cottage and then travel Europe.

Fact #19
My dream is to live on a vineyard in Italy at some stage in my life.

Fact #20
Another dream and bucket list item i have is to spend one Christmas in New York.

Fact #21
I love Zelda video games! I get quite obsessed and over the top!

Ok so I cheated and managed to do 21 facts but you now know a few little facts about me! :D Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned tomorrow for - "Meaning of my Business Name"

Liane xx

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