Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Guilty Pleasure

I'm weird, most people who know me would know that already. I am turning 29 years old this year but really deep down I swear my real age is about 13. I have never properly grown up because to me grown ups are boring. When I actually was a child and I saw all the grown ups around me most of them looked bored out of their minds. Maybe it was just the adults that my friends had or that my Mum decided to befriend. I don't know. Surely not all grown ups are like that? But to me all grwon ups were boring and there was no way in hell that I was ever going to grow up.

Now I am a grown up and I have two kids and a husband and to most people I probably look boring. I go to work, I food shop for my family, I drive the kids to school, I wash and fold the clothes and on my days off from work if i'm not doing housework i'm usually just chilling around the house. I didn't expect to be like this. When my 12 year old self thought of my adult years I expected road trips, wine drinking in Italy, driving a fancy car, learning to ride a motorbike, travelling the world and spending every day with a group of friends who would always want to be around me because I was cool.

Let's fast track to today. I don't have all that stuff (just yet.....there is still time and hope) but I do have me and truth is I never really did grow up because behind all that Mummy and Wife duties i'm a big kid and being a big kid is what keeps me going. I still love fairy-tales and I still believe that jumping in puddles when it is raining outside is the best remedy for any occasion and I still get super excited and gooey when I watch 'High School Musical'.......

Yes you heard right my guilty pleasure is to put on my High School Musical DVD's , crush on Zac Efron's cuteness and sing my heart out. I know all the words and I even have all the soundtracks so that even when i'm driving my kids to school or driving to work I can still get my HSM fix and sing my heart out. Is it weird that an almost 29 year old loves High School Musical? yeah probably but hey! I'm a big kid and i'm weird so who cares? I probably wouldn't shout it from the rooftops and I definitely didn't bring it up on my first date with my now Husband but he did work it out when I moved into his house with a High School Musical coffee mug and a HSM wash basket. But he still loves me and those items are now gone because let's face it, I had to grow up a little bit. But those DVD's will always remain and I will always get excited when they get played.

Glad I could get that off my chest......I know you are probably all shaking your head at my complete insaneness but oh well! I did tell you I was weird :P
I am and always will be a big kid and if I ever do grow up I will be sure to let you know, but for now i'm happy and loving life! Now sing it out....you know you want to:

Liane xx

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