Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dishes of the week 16!


Monday ~ Southern Fried Chicken w. veg (cooked by Mikey)
Tuesday ~ Special Fried Rice (cooked by Rahni)
Wednesday ~ Mummy's beef pie w. mash and veg
Thursday ~ Creamy Malaysian Satay
Friday ~ Tuna Morney
Saturday ~ Hawaiin Baked Potatoes
Sunday ~ Family Noodle Night

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Ghost & Mrs. Muir

Last night i picked up a copy of this movie "The Ghost and Mrs Muir" from my local Coles supermarket for just $5 now i have never seen this film before.....But i had to buy it for the bargain price just because it happened to have one of my favourite classic actors Mr. Rex Harrison who you probably know from one of my favourite films "My Fair Lady"
This movie was brilliant and although most peoplt tend to steer clear of black and white films....i adore them! they are so much fun and unique and this film was no different it had romance, comedy, thrills and much more....

The story was sweet and intriguing! even my fiance got stuck into it when he arrived home from work :D i would definitely recommend this film for all you classic film lovers or even if you just want to watch something a bit different!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Things that made me smile today!

I always smile when i get to watch the Brady Bunch :D This family is exactly what i try and base my family on!! they are so happy and caring....... and always trying to be so positive no matter what happens in life xx

Today i had some cookies :D always brings a smile to my face!! i LOVE cookies almost as much as the dear old cookie monster hehe.......gotta love mr cookie monster :P

While i was in the car today after a long and non positive day.......my Bruno mars cd made me feel so much better!! and how could it not....it is one of the best cd's i own!! such clever songs and can cheer me up when i feel down!!! plus the guy is pretty cute hehe.......

Ohhhhh and finally the postman made me smile today :D i get ever so excited when he brings me some parcels and now that my business is getting more orders i have to keep up with fabrics etc so i love to see the postman coming up the street!!! yay for the postman!!! if only he was really postman pat.......now that would be VERY cool :D

So thats what made me smile today!

What put a smile on your dial???


Monday, July 25, 2011

dishes of the week 15!

This week we are having an easy 'dishes of the week' as mummy needs an easy week after the craziness of last week! with 2 markets and lots of orders from her business.....So here goes nice and simple :D


Monday ~ Bangers and mash (Mikey's cooking day)
Tuesday ~ Creamy Chicken Curry (Rahni's cooking day)
Wednesday ~ Pumpkin Soup w. garlic bread
Thursday ~ Mummy's Beef Pie and Roast potatoes (recipe will be up later in the week)
Friday ~ Southern fried Chicken with veg
Saturday ~ Take away night (haven't had one of these for a while)
Sunday ~ family noodle night


Icecream w. ice magic topping
Fruit and yoghurt

Saturday, July 23, 2011

busy times ahead....

I have just had the busiest and craziest two weeks of my life!!

Now i have had plenty of ups and downs in these two weeks.....believe me!!!!
I have.............

stressed out to the max
had tears and tantrums
jumped up and down with excitement
felt the satisfied feeling of accomplishment
been exhausted
had too much energy

but most importantly i have for once in my life put everything i have into doing what i love and what i enjoy doing! i have finally put everything aside and just focussed on lil old me......


Hell NO!!!

I've spent my whole life thinking about everybody and everything but ME!!
and now i am finally happy and doing what i want and need....

and i don't care about the ups and downs because at the end of the day as long as i am happy and enjoying life........the people around me are better for it and most importantly i am better for it :D

Sunday, July 17, 2011

dishes of the week 14!


Monday ~ Lemon Chicken Stir fry (mikey's cooking day)
Tuesday ~ Homemade Burgers (Made by Miss Rahni)
Wednesday ~Honey Soy Chicken Wings and Steamed Veg
Thursday ~ Mummy's Homemade Beef Pie
Friday ~ Spaghetti Bolognese
Saturday ~ Pumpkin Soup and warm dinner rolls
Sunday ~ Family Noodle Night


warm strawberry roly poly w. custard
Apple and Carrot Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things that irritate me!

I am a very cheerful and happy person!

But no matter how cheerful an happy and positive in life you are there are always going to be things that bug and irritate and annoy and upset you....
It is just the way life goes and although i try and smile through everything sometimes i just need to get out what annoys me so i can move on!!!

So here we go............

The Haggle Guy
Ok so the guy is probably very nice and he hasn't actually personally annoyed me....but boy does he get under my skin!!! i can not stand him and his stupid adverts honestly.....how annoying can one person be! his adverts don't make me want to shop there they just make me want to avoid the store altogether and want to punch him haha...

People that love drama!

I have very low tolerance for people who love to cause drama for themselves and others!
I had somebody that i believed was a very good friend but unfortunately we had to part ways because of the simple fact that she adores drama........i just dont get it personally i mean why not just enjoy life sure life has its ups and downs and drama is always going to pop up.......but why in the hell do these people attract it on purpose.....why make life more difficult just so you can get your drama fix!!
Not only are they hurting themselves they are hurting others......Maybe they don't realise?? i have often wondered this! but i can't see how they can't realise......just enjoy life already and quit the bloody dramatic episodes trying to make people feel sorry for you and making others feel useless and unworthy!!

Fluffy Rugs and the vacuum cleaner

When i found my fluffy rug for my lounge room i was SO excited and i still do love it bits BUT the amount of dust and bits that it gathers is unbelievable and my poor vacuum cleaner has such a struggle to keep it clean.
No matter how much i vacuum it when i shake it it still has bits coming out of it!
Blah! just extra work to do around the house!!

Bus Drivers

yep public transport may be helpful when you need it but bloody hell the amount of bus drivers that have almost wiped me off the road this week alone is unbelievable.
I truly believe that they think they are the only ones on the road....either that or they just don't care if you are there or not!!

Well These are my pet peeves this week!!
Hopefully every week i can have even less as i battle life and learn from life lessons :D

So if you have something that irritates you......why not get it out and share it so you can have a laugh about and start smiling again and enjoying life xxxxx

Monday, July 11, 2011

Things that made me smile today!

I smiled all through today's episode of Happy Days :D the Fonz cracks me up!

Having a Chai Latte and lunch with my fiance certainly put a smile on my dial today

I can never get enough of a fresh roast chicken! which i was able to enjoy for dinner tonight....YUM!

Anytime i listen to the mamma mia soundtrack or watch the movie i get soooo excited and sing and dance like a mad person!!

Now i am finishing off my day with some White Russian cocktails and enjoying a kid free evening with my amazing fiance playing poker and having some laughs!

What made you smile today???
Have a think and remember.....You are Never Fully Dressed without a Smile :D

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fun Times!

I have been having an absolute ball doing a wide variety of market stalls throughout South Australia :D

It has been amazing fun and i have met some of the nicest, supportive and incredibly talented people! I am so happy to have found something that i am truly good at and can enjoy while also having the greatest fun!

I have certainly caught the market bug and can not wait to keep going not only to expand my business to continue feeling like i finally belong in the world and am appreciated for what i do and who i am.......

Friday, July 8, 2011

Elvis Presley - Wooden Heart

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finding the real ME!

So you sit and wonder....."When is it going to be my turn to have the fairytale? the dreams?....when is it going to be my time to shine? When is it going to be about me?

Selfish?.....maybe.....maybe not!

My life has has been one hell of a bumpy ride and most of the time i am more than happy to just block the past away and keep on moving no matter what! other times i have just wanted to scream my lungs out from the top of a rooftop but everything i have been through i have learnt from!

My childhood started out great and then people entered it who should never have been allowed to enter and eventually things for me got too complicated, hard and depressing and i lost possibly the best years of my life.....m
y late childhood.

But i still survived! i turned 16 and i thought i was healed i thought i was OK! but i wasn't and i met somebody who i believed could fix a broken heart but i was wrong.......but still i was OK!........I was OK because i was given a beautiful baby boy! and it was my turn to protect someone and show them the world.

But i was just a baby myself and the first few years were the hardest i have ever been through! But I made it through and my little angel al
ways made me Smile :D
But 6 years had gone by and i was still a wreck!
Nobody was interested in who i was or where i was going.....
Life was just a book that had been glued together and the pages couldn't be turned!

Then came this moment.....
A Beautiful Light
A Prince Charmi
A knight in shining armour

And i found ME!
because the piece of my life, the last piece of my heart and meaning wasn't really gone it was just lost.......this amazing man had it the whole time and all i had to do was just wait for that perfect moment when that missing piece of me f
orced itself back to where it belonged!

Now every day i wake up next to the other piece of me the part i needed to be the complete ME!
life is still full of bumpy rides and i have realised that it is always going to be like that but instead of climbing the mountain alone and falling to the gr
ound breaking every bone and crippling my strength and energy i can climb the mountain knowing that if i fall down it doesn't matter because my other half is there to catch me and push me or sometimes carry me to the top!!!

now i'm stronger.......better........amazing........and appreciated for being ME and only me!! i don't have to explain myself or pretend to be someone i'm not.........now it is time to be ME....now my life truly begins!

If that isn't a true fairytale i don't know what is......

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mikey's Raspberry Cheesecake!!

Mikey made us this scrummy raspberry cheesecake with a little help from Dad :D

Very easy to make!

Raspberry Cheesecake

250g Nice biscuits, crumbed
125g melted butter
85g packet raspberry jelly
250g cream cheese
1 and a half cups thickened cream
1/2 cup defrosted raspberries
defrosted mixed berries (for decoration on top)

1. combine biscuit crumbs with butter and press into the base and sides of a greased 20cm spring form pan, then chill.
2. dissolve jelly sachet in 1 cup boiling water and cool.
3. Beat cream cheese and thickened cream until smooth, add the jelly mixture and raspberries. Beat until combined. Pour over biscuit base.
4. Chill for 1 hour or until set. Serve with mixed berries scattered on top.

Enjoy xx

Dishes of the week 13!


Monday ~ (mikey's choice and cooking day) ~ homemade fish fingers w. roasted chips and homemade raspberry cheesecake for dessert
Tuesday ~ (Rahni's choice and cooking day) ~ Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie and Banana Splits w. peanut brittle for dessert
Wednesday ~ Mummy's Lasagne
Thursday ~ Beef Stir Fry
Friday ~ Daddy's special Tuna Morney
Saturday ~ (kid free so take away night!)
Sunday ~ Family noodle night

This week is looking delicious even just written down :P