Friday, January 16, 2015

10 Favourite Foods!

I'm super tired writing today's post so it is going to be a quick one. I have just got home from work and I am sitting down with a mug of Caramel Latte and a wagon wheel and planning on relaxing and finishing my book for the rest of the weekend.

As you all know I love my foods! So this post is SUPER easy. In no particular order here are my ten favourite foods:

#1 - Sunday Roast
Ok so roast on any day is pretty damn amazing but there is something about cooking and eating a roast on a Sunday that is just magical. I am planning on making it a tradition in my house this year to have as many Sunday roasts as I can with family surrounding me a glass of wine. My favourite roast would have to be Roast Lamb with of course a dollop of mint jelly and gravy and no roast is complete without yorkshire puddings!!

#2 - Cupcakes
They look cute, they're little and they come in so many damn varieties! What's not to like about a cupcake?? (lemon curd cupcakes are my ultimate heaven moment)

#3 - Quality Street Chocolates
Aggghhhh!! If my Husband wants to cheer me up or is in trouble with me he just buys me Quality Streets.......and then he is my favourite person in the world all over again. I can be won over by these babies! Living in Australia now means they are not as easily available so you usually only see them around Christmas time or Easter so I get even more excited when I am able to get my hands on them!

#4 - Mr Kipling Cakes - basically any of them!
Battenbergs - Mince Pies - Cherry Bakewells - French Fancies - Angel Slice - Bramley Apple Pies
You name it and Mr Kipling made it I probably love it!! and once again you can't get them easily in Australia :( I haven't had a french fancy or battenberg in years! I'm pretty sure when I go to the UK on holiday soon I will just eat Mr Kipling's cakes the whole trip.
Mr Kipling's French Fancies
#5 - Baby Spinach
I used to hate spinach....even the thought of it made me run away but as I got older and started cooking so much I have grown to love the stuff. I love spinach quiches and pasties and I always have spinach with my scrambled or poached eggs on toast! YUM! I even love adding it to my homemade juices.

#6 - Brown and Wild Rice
Another one I used to run away from as a child. Now I always prefer brown rice over white rice anyday! I love taking it in as a salad for lunch at work with some tuna, capsicum, lebanese cucumber and corn.....yum yum yum!

#7 - Caramel Crumble Yoghurt
from 'The Yoghurt Shop' I think it is called. I always buy it from the fruit and veg store next to my work because I know they always have it. It is a more expensive way to eat yoghurt I must admit so I don't get it very often but I love the stuff! yum yum yum!!
Caramel Crumble Yoghurt!
#8 - Pumpkin
One of my favourite vegies. Love it roasted in toasted sandwiches, soup, salads and especially with a roast dinner!

#9 - Garlic Bread
I'm a sucker for a good garlic bread and I am yet to perfect my own :( I can never seem to get it right. I am determined to perfect it one day.

#10 - Pancakes
Love them! and love my kids happiness when I randomly get up in the morning and decide to make pancakes.....the other day I suprised my family with choc chip pancakes, icecream, strawberries and chocolate syrup.....YUM! but normally we just love to have them with lemon juice and sugar or my own fave way is pancakes with sultanas and honey!

So there you have it. My top ten foods! Are any of my top ten in your top ten?? Let me know if they are :D Stay tuned tomorrow for - 'An Old Photo of Me'

Liane xx

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