Saturday, January 17, 2015

An Old Photo of Me

So for today's post I am supposed to share an old photo of myself. I have plenty of old photos of myself because I was quite the poser when I was younger. However this one in particular is my favourite basically because I thought I was super cool (and still do haha).

Another thing about this photo is that my friends decided that the "Princess and the Frog", Disney Princess Tiana looks so much like me that Disney must have seen  me and designed her after me. Now I must also mention that most of my friends are as insane as me and they put the two pics together for me. Weirdos :P

Anyway. It's and old photo of me with a twist so hey presto! Enjoy! Oh and p.s this pic was taken when I was about 3 and I am on holiday with my Mum in Yorkshire.
Stay tuned tomorrow for - 'Piercings and Tattoos'

Liane xx

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