Saturday, January 24, 2015

Timeline of My Day

I woke up in my super comfy bed wrapped up snug and warm (no kids today so sleep in time) and felt around for my remote control, then got disappointed at the TV world because it's a Sunday and there were no cooking shows on! What the hell? Ended up watching a show called 'Downsize Me' with my Husband. 

Got out of bed to make coffee and toast for brekky. feeling down in the dumps after watching 'Downsize Me' and realising how much crap I put into my body and how much I don't exercise despite it all being on my New Years resolution

Got dressed and started housework because we are heading to Bali in 2 days and my Mother in Law is house sitting so lots to be done. 

Started The Bali packing and created packing checklists for everybody on Microsoft Excel because the organised psycho in me just couldn't handle packing without a reference guide.

went shopping cause we ran out of milk and because it's Australia Day tomorrow all the shops will be shut. Picked up some snacks for plane ride as well and popped into work to get a hug from my bestie before I leave :) 

1.30am lunch with my hubby

finished all the clothes washing and folding. Watched one of my Robbie Williams DVDs 

Played a youtube game with the Hubby. I picked a song and then the next person had to choose a song from the recommended list and so on.

Planning for the bali holiday. Picking where we want to visit and what we want to see. 

7pm watched Bitchin Kitchen 

7.40pm now settled on the couch with the family watching Black Sails and then off to bed I shall go :) 

Stay tuned tomorrow for: - 'dream job'

Liane xx 

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