Friday, January 23, 2015

What's In My Handbag?

I'm in love with my handbag! It took me a long time to find a handbag that I was so happy with. I have always had quite cheap handbags so they were never amazing and always fell apart after a few months but last year I started my whole "I'm all grown up now and classy" thing and so when I went handbag shopping for a new bag I decided that Kate Hill was the exact store I needed to go to.

Normally I would have walked straight past a store like Kate Hill because I was never the kind of girl that could afford such luxuries but because I am now a proper working girl and I work damn hard to deserve luxuries I decided one day to spoil myself with a Kate Hill bag. I think when I walked into the store I fell in love, so many gorgeous bags in so many gorgeous colours and sizes and classiness.

This was the bag I chose and I still have it and love it!! It fits everything I need into and still has room for much more and the colours are SO me :D


What I love most about my bag is that it has 3 big zippered sections and the back one is where I very nicely fit my I-Pad (my handbag was created to hold a laptop or tablet) YAY! the front pocket I keep paperwork in. Usually just my phone bill, which is the only bill I pay at the post office now.

In the middle I keep everything else:

- Playboy Body Spray
- Avon Far Away travel roll on perfume (my fave perfume fragrance)
- My pink 2015 diary
- Strepsils
- Mentos Breathmints
- Nivea Hydrating Lip balm
- Sorbolene moisturiser (for my dry hands)
- My purse that I got for Christmas from my Step-Daughter which holds so many cards and photos of my mummy and my besties from work.
- My Car and house key which are easy to find with Converse keyring that my lil brother got for me.
- Bic pen with 4 pastel colours - my fave pen EVER!
- Mr Bump band-aids
- My Sony Xperia Z2 - which doesn't have a case yet because nobody seems to sell them over here or they sell boring ones
- Sunglasses 

And that's about it!
Stay tuned tomorrow for: - 'Timeline of my Day'

Oh and p.s: today my Husband and I went out for a day at the beach and to watch some of the Santos Tour Down Under at Aldinga :D Yay!! I think I saw Cadel Evans hahaha he was blurry :P

Liane xx

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