Monday, May 30, 2011

Cake Pops!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dishes of the week 9!


Monday ~ Potato topped Lamb and Lentil Pie
Tuesday ~ Tuna Mornay
Wednesday ~ Beef and Vegetable Casserole w. Rosemary Dumplings
Thursday ~ Honey Mustard Chicken w. Vegie Chips
Friday ~ Sweet and Sour Pork Stir Fry
Saturday ~ Soft Tacos
Sunday ~ Family Noodle Night


this week the kids have asked for some different lunches in their lunch boxes for school so i have decided to make:

Individual Roast Chicken Salad
Fish Cake Sandwiches with Lettuce and Mayo
Ham and Salad Rolls

And for the adults in the Fairytale Mansion we will be having:

Fruit Salad and Yoghurt
Chicken Sub Rolls
Ham and Salad Rolls
Tuna Salad

What a yummy week we will be having in the Fairytale Mansion :D
Can't wait to share some recipes with you all so stay tuned xx

To market, to market.....

Well today i had another succesful and extremely fun day at the Marion Indoor Market :D
I met some absolutely gorgeous and extremely creative ladies, had a coffee and a chat and sold some of my polkadot bitz and pieces products!

I always have so much fun at the markets and i am now officially a market junkie :P hehe

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

your highness

So this week my fiance took me to see a new film out in cinemas...."Your Highness" we had won tickets to see this film so decided to head on out and make it a day!

I must say this film was the silliest movie i have ever seen.....but then what can you expect when the makers of the film also made 'Pineapple Express'? The story was rather silly and not very clever....the acting was far from brilliant and the effects weren't that great.......BUT i must say i have NEVER laughed so much in my entire life! the script was just full of dirty jokes and i was in stitches with tears and all.....every 5 seconds!

If you want to watch something that will make you laugh and makes no sense at all then watch this movie.....i don't recommend taking your mother along cause it will just be the most awkward moment of your life....but if you want a film to laugh along with friends and you enjoy some good old dirty jokes......go ahead!

It won't win an oscar and it won't be talked about often.....but it is worth that one watch to just unwind and laugh out loud!!

Dishes of the week 9!

This weeks menu is fairly simple ideas.....things i have done many times as i am very busy with study and creating for a market on sunday. But of course everything is still delicious....simple doesn't mean any less tasty :P


Tuesday ~ sausage casserole (in my very loved slow cooker)
Wednesday ~ creamy chicken curry
Thursday ~ quiche lorraine and salad
Friday ~ Ross's special spaghetti bolognese
Saturday ~ take away night
Sunday ~ family noodle night :P

Desserts and snacks

Treacle Tart
Soured Cream and Pineapple muffins

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Positive Energy!

So i know it's there.....this whole being positive will fix anything talk.....in fact i am the biggest preacher of the positive vibe and why not! it works doesn't it? well i think it does or at least i did!

But honestly!
there are days when i just think Little Miss Positive can go choke on her princess fairy floss!

Like today for instance......
waking feeling more positive than barbie and things just turn from bad to worse! from the bad driver who almost kills you on the road forcing you to become Miss road rage.....to the moment you feel like all your hard work just wasn't worth it.....followed by the bill you forgot about that decides to creep up on you at the most impractical time causing the veins in your head to want to erupt......the list goes on it was just one of those days.

So i get back to my question.......is the positive vybe function locked away in my little head really something that work? can you just think of the positive in everything? is 'Don't worry be happy' really the best way of living life?

Now that i have pondered on it........HELL YES! because if you can't push out that horribly crazy positive idea.....what chance have you got?

If that really bad lady driver hadn't swerved in front of me i never would have known just how great my ability to protect myself was (great thought to have when you know you are driving your children around)
If i never got that feeling of all my hard work being useless it would most likely have been concluded that i was totally up myself with the biggest ego on the planet.....i think i would rather fret and worry myself completely silly than think i was all that!
And finally the dreaded bill.....well if it didn't come today....well it just would have hurt even more later down the track! at least now i know it is there and con organise around it!

So Little Miss Positive lives on.....
Will she have days where positivity just doesn't seem like it is going to cut it in this cruel world?


but i'm sure i will think of a positive to get me out of that mood.......even if it does take more than 24 hours!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The fun of turning 8!

This week my little munchkin Mikey turned 8! and although it was a big shock for mummy even though i knew it was coming........Mikey had an absolute ball and mummy accepted that her little bubba was growing up (with a few tears)

Mikey's Birthday cake
Made by mummy with help from Nanna

Blowing out the candles!

Rahni and Mikey playing with Mikey's new Nerf gun!

Mikey eating his special birthday breakfast
his favourite was the mushrooms :P

Mikey waking up to all his presents

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dishes of the week 8!


Monday ~ Roast Lamb and vegies
Tuesday ~ Bacon Carbonara
Wednesday ~ Beef porterhouse with potato bake
Thursday ~ Spaghetti Bolognese
Friday ~ Tuna Salad
Saturday ~ Lamb chops and steamed veg
Sunday ~ family noodle night


This week it is Master Mikey's 8th birthday so i will be making a birthday cake (pics up on the day)
triple choc cookies
choc chip muffins

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

Me and My Mummy (1989)

Today was an absolutely gorgeous Mothers Day for me. From the minute i woke up to the minute i started writing this blog (9.46pm).

Me and my little Mikey

I woke up to my youngest little munchkin Mikey
(age 7) giving me a huge cuddle and a "Happy Mothers Day Mummy" followed by some lovely gifts...a packaged rose which is covered in soap petals....can't wait to use them in my next bath and a scented candle picked out by himself and he told me "i got you the red one because the only other colour they had was black and it looked disgusting, it looked like dirt" haha very cute :P then my fiance and my little man made me a lovely breakfast in bed (scrambled eggs on toast with some mushrooms, tomatoes and
bacon....YUM). Oh and a morning coffee...

Then i had a suprise from my gorgeous daughter (age 11), who was away for the day. Rahni had left me some presents on my bedside table......she had given me a card with 10 free hugs vouchers inside, some more rose petal soap and a fridge magnet with the words "A mother is a friend forever" nawwww it was so incredibly sweet and yes there were a few tears....

Me and miss Rahni

So after a lovely morning full of love and suprises.....Mikey started helping me get my new sewing machine started that i was given last night as an early mothers day present from my amazing fiance :P how lucky am I??
This was followed by a lovely lunch at my mother in law's house! chinese food and champagne....
After a lovely afternoon my mummy arrived and joined in the fun, my mother in law lives on the esplanade so we sat on the balcony and enjoyed the sunset.....

Of course Mother's Day didn't end there :P this was followed by coffee and dinner of Fish and Chips and a lovely chat while all the kiddies played.

Now i am finally home from a long, exciting, fun and extremely lovely mothers day and i am in much need of some sleep (i have classes to get to tomorrow and lots of experimenting to do on my new sewing machine) and my kiddies are all tucked into bed warm and snug with no complaints.

Such a perfect day and one i will never forget!

Friday, May 6, 2011

and they all lived happily ever after!

The fairytale dreams......that is the way i have lived my life since i was a little princess in a bubble of fantasy. When i was little i watched disney movies until my face turned blue and my eyes watered. The castle, the gowns, the prince charming who would come to your rescue whenever you needed to be saved......oh and don't forget the singing. Oh the singing was what life was all about.

Beauty and the beast showed me that you could fall in love with anyone. That the person you were meant to be with could appear in any forms and steal your heart away with a dance or just the way they look into your eyes. The fact that she loved books and running through fields singing away was enough for me to believe i could be a princess just like her.

Eventually i started growing up. But did the fairytale dreams and hopes leave me? No way! i became a teenager and started with the romantic films Ever After, Titanic, 10 things i hate about you......it wasn't so much the castle anymore! now it was all about finding your prince charming and all those adventures around the world. Finding my dad who i had never met....having the love of my life chase me through an airport trying to save me from disappe
aring forever, the proposal of a lifetime in front of everyone, flying to italy to chase down the guy that you may lose forever.....and the list just goes on. That is everything i wanted.

Then i grew up even more and reality should have set in.......But still i never gave up hope on that fairytale story. Surely it is still out there and how can you not believe it after watching films like Enchanted where the girl goes from the fairytale into the real world and finds her true love? That movie is my insoiration because i am so much like Giselle....the cute innocent girl who no matter how old i get i'm still going to believe that singing makes the world a happier place, that i can be a princess, that i can live in a castle or in a winery in italy.........where that special guy will climb up vines up to the balcony and proclaim his love for me.

This is what life is all about life is an adventure and life is meant to be full of all those precious moments that make it worthwile...........that is why no matter what i go through or how bad people make out that i should grow up and snap into my reality........my answer will be a plain NO! because my fairy tales and my belief that dreams do come true and that we all can live in that world if we just try is what i live for and without life is nothing to me!

So what if my dream isn't to earn money and own that big screen tv and that latest gadget.......my dream is to live and live the fairytale dream because i want to live happily ever after!