Sunday, July 11, 2010


It is truly amazing how much life changes from the school yard to adult life.

I always imagined what my life would be like when i was a 'grown up' at the age of 16 and it always involved the friends i had when i was in high school......i was going to go to university and i was going to live with my best girlfriends and go clubbing with mates and i was going to always be in the city going around the world on trips with besties.

Now i am 24 and life is whole lot different and nothing of what i expected........i have a 7 year old little munchkin and an 11 year old step daughter and i am engaged to a wonderful guy living in a typical family house.......i have a car and i never finished high school so i am now an adult student trying to get into university.

Life is different but i wouldn't have it any other way i am truly happy i get to spend the rest of my life with the man of dreams and 2 beautiful kids.

what i do regret is losing the friends that i once planned my life around.......it wasn't bad breakups or fights it was just life.........life got in the way bit by bit.

Sometimes i just wish i had friends around me that were like what my friends around me were before....the friends you laughed with over stupid jokes and the friends you told everything to.

It truly is amazing how fast and changing life can be.