Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Healthiness and Happiness

I am so proud of myself for the last few weeks. I have not only been going to the gym but I have also managed to keep up with my healthy eating. As I am not on a diet as such, due to being happy with my weight, I do have a day a week where I will treat myself or maybe have some alcohol but in general my eating has become much better. 

I think the main problem for me was the lack of water and too much caffeine so I have cut back on the amount of coffees I have a day and I have started carrying water bottles around with me. I have found that the healthier I eat the less coffee I need as I am so full of energy all day. I still have my morning coffee everyday though as that is just my 'thing' 

One of the biggest aids in my healthy eating has been keeping junk foods out of the house. I started by just putting together some mini bags of mixed fruit and nuts. After doing my weekly food shop one day I realised that buying all these pre-mix snack tubs of fruit and nut was so expensive so I purchased a bag of dried apples, apricots, sultanas and almonds and spent one of my evenings chopping them all up and making my own mix. So much cheaper and I get to put whatever I want into them. Easy easy. They are also really handy to have around or just chuck into your handbag on the way to work. 

After a few days I started researching some healthier snack food options because I realised that the kids can't take nuts to school due to peanut allergies with other kids. I found an idea on Pinterest for these cool pantry and fridge snack buckets! These have been an absolute saviour! 
I basically spend just one day chopping up fruit and veg and filling these buckets up. I make things like banana bread and muesli bars, boil eggs ready to go, add some dips, cheeses, yogurts, kabana etc so everything is ready to go. I also made a pantry bucket which includes things like crackers, popcorn in mini snack bags, fruit and nut bags, tuna cans etc. 
the buckets work out great because if anyone gets hungry in between meals they can just grab and go and also I have some great snack items to throw into lunch boxes all week. Perfection! 

Lunches have been fun to make too. This is the chicken Caesar salad I took into work one day last week. I already had the eggs boiled and ready to go at the start of the week so I just threw a salad together in the morning and added some chopped cooked chicken and bacon.......I didn't even need dressing it was so natural and so tasty!

So that has been a quick recap of my healthy week. I am trying super hard to continue with my healthy eating. As I don't need to specifically lose weight just be healthier I do have at least one day a week where I can just let loose and have some chocolate or something else but I find the more I eat healthy and natural foods the more I loose my cravings for junk foods :) 
My next step is to try and learn more about nutrition and reading food labels as I don't believe that I should be eating foods with labels of ingredients that sound like chemicals or scientific large words........

More on that as I progress 

Liane xx 

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