Monday, January 19, 2015

First Celebrity Crush

My very first celebrity crush was Robbie Williams!!

Yep! that's right. I was 8 years old and somebody in my family had a Take That VHS that they decided to show me because they thought I might enjoy the music. I fell in love with Robbie Williams that very day (and Mark Owen as well but Robbie was my main man) and my Mum was convinced it was just going to be a 'phase' and I would get over it in a year or two............well I proved her wrong! Robbie Williams has been my number 1 celebrity crush for the last 20 years and he will always be.
Take That - back in the day

The VHS that started it all!

Take That have also always been my favourite band ever. I have all their albums as well as all of Robbie's albums and I was devastated that they broke up. I followed all their solo careers for many years. I purchased a Robbie Williams (Take That version) doll which I still have in it's box. One of my most prized possessions. In 2001 I finally got to see Robbie LIVE!! I was so bloody excited!! It was the best concert I have ever been to.

Unfortunately I missed him the next time he came to Adelaide which absolutely devastated me. I had tickets but we had some problems with money that year and I had to sell the tickets.

Then a few years ago my biggest dream came true! Take That got back together.......WITH ROBBIE!! I don't think I have ever screamed so much. I got to have my boys back in action. I purchased all their new cd's and dvd's and loved them all. Then they split again :( Now there are just three of the boys left but i'm still their biggest fan :D and as for Robbie no matter what he does I will always love that man! best pop star EVER!!!!

So there we have it my very first and still favourite celebrity crush. My family and friends still buy me Robbie merchandise for my birthday's and Christmas's and my husband is fully aware that Robbie is always going to scattered around our house.
Who was your first Celebrity Crush?? and do you still love them now??

Stay tuned tomorrow for 'My Most Proud Moment'


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