Monday, January 12, 2015

Meaning of my Business Name!

Today's post comes straight from my bed as I'm curled up with the worst migraine :( I've been in bed for the whole day and it is now 4.32pm and I have finally woken up with some small relief but still blah and I'm watching Midsomer Murders on TV......seriously it's a cool show! I can't get enough of it :p

Back to my blog post.
Today's challenge is to share with you the meaning of my Business Name.

I don't really have a proper "business" but I have two Facebook pages, one that I share my food love from and I am hoping one day to turn into a business and the other is where I sell my sewing items from. I used to sell at markets which I used to love and I made lots of friends but I didn't earn enough to keep going and now just sell bits and pieces here and there.

My foodie page is called 'Little Leelee's Kitchen and the meaning behind that is pretty straight forward. My nickname with friends is Leelee and one of my friends calls me Little Leelee because I'm the little one haha and so it just made sense to give it that name. If I ever get to buy my own little cafe that will most likely be the name for it as well.

My sewing page is called 'Polkadot Bitz and Pieces'
I came up with that name at random.  I love Polkadots so that was always in my head when choosing a name and then at the time I was just making bits and pieces so the name just came up at random and stuck!

If you want to check out my pages the links will be at the side of my blog asap!

Now back to curling up for me.

Liane xx

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