Sunday, July 26, 2015

Melbourne Museum

We woke up sad to be leaving Melbourne. We had such a great time but we had missed the aquarium and the Queen Victoria Markets. Basically our weekend just wasn't long enough. It was also pouring down with rain outside so it made the day feel miserable.

We packed up our bags and cleaned up the hotel room ready for checkout at 10am. Checkout was easy and the hotel let us keep the car in the car park for no extra cost for the remainder of the day so we left it there and decided to have one more adventure before our drive home........Melbourne Museum. 

Even though we had a beautiful view of the park we had never managed to walk through it so we all grabbed our umbrellas and braved the cold through the park. We got some cute photos with this very cool water fountain in the park.

The walk from the hotel to the Museum was so quick. We could actually see the Museum from our room. They had the IMAX there as well but we didn't have time to watch a movie unfortunately so we skipped that part. When you enter the museum you have a choice of upgrading your ticket to allow you entry to a movie as well which I believe is slightly cheaper for purchasing both at the same time.

Unlike Adelaide museum the Melbourne museum has an entry fee which was about $8 a person. People with a student or concession card get in for free.
We were all super hungry after buying our tickets so our first stop was to the Museum Cafe! Oh my golly goshness this cafe ROCKED!! There was so much variety in the cafe hot foods, cold foods, healthy foods..........yep I said healthy foods!! I grabbed a homemade chia yoghurt yum yum yum!! The prices were bargains!! My sister grabbed a tandoori chicken meal with chips and veg which was a big serving for just $9.50. We were in heaven here and it blew us away that a museum had such great food prices. We highly recommend eating here. I can't flaw the cafe at all!!

Ok back to the Museum. We walked around for a few hours checking out all the exhibitions. It was a huge museum. I'm pretty sure it is bigger than the Adelaide one. Instead of boring you with every step here are some photos of our Museum adventure. I must say my favourite part of the Museum was Pharlap and also the Mind and Body section! (I actually learned so much from this museum).


Inside the old homesteads

Ciara found a library


Cutest dinosaur skeleton EVER!


So many animals

Should have left her there!

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