Sunday, July 12, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 29

Something you could never get tired of doing?

I really believe that I could never get tired of reading books. I love reading and books are my most favourite things to buy and to have a collection of. I would love to one day have my own library room where I can just sit in a comfy chair with a nice lamp and fireplace and just read in there all day and night.

I also think that I could never get tired of traveling. Growing up I never really went traveling but in the last 5 years or so I have really caught the bug for it. I have only been to Bali and some states in Australia but I love the whole experience and I can't wait to travel the world. I'm planning lots of trips in the future and I think I could keep travelling for years on end and be happy. I would love to have my own dream house to retire in one day but until then I would be quite happy to just keep moving and moving like a gypsy. If only I had the money to just get up and go.

I have started my savings plan so hopefully one day i'll be off having plenty of adventures and reading.

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