Thursday, July 2, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 19

Another picture of yourself......

For today's blog post I decided to grab the last photo taken of me on my phone. This photo was taken last week at a sushi bar in Adelaide called 'Sushi Q' on Goodwood Road. We went as a family for my daughter's birthday and it was a great night out. Food was delicious and fantastic prices. I highly recommend for a simple night out with family or friends.

So there we have it. The last picture taken of me on my phone.

I can't believe I am already over half way through my 30 day blog challenge. Once I have finished I think I will keep up my blogging much more regularly. I have been going really well with my new healthy routines so I would love to share those experiences with you all as well. I am currently working on a better blog plan so that I can have some sort of proper routine and not just bits and pieces here and there.

Liane xx

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