Monday, July 6, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 22

Bullet your whole day 

  • Woke up at 6.30am
  • Made myself some Weet-Bix and a cup of green tea 
  • It was freezing so heater and warm socks went on while I sat on the couch watching Huey's Kitchen and Ben's Menu........I have an obsession with cooking shows
  • Watched an episode of Bold & the Beautiful (first time in like 3 years - no idea what's going on) 
  • Got some Facebooking done
  • Started packing for Melbourne Road Trip
  • Cleaned out two kitchen drawers (organisation) 
  • Washed some laundry
  • Started sewing again, got frustrated, failed and packed it away
  • Had a yummy tuna and lettuce sandwich for lunch with a tub of greek yoghurt on the side 
  • Coffee time
  • Relaxed on my bed watching the first episode of 'Vicious' with Ian Mckellan, somebody recommended it. Laughed my head off, but husband didn't enjoy it as much.
  • Attempted to watch Gossip Girl, another recommendation. Didn't even get through the first episode. 
  • Cuddled with the kitty cats
  • Wasted time on Pinterest
  • Cooked Malaysian Fish Curry for dinner
  • Watched Benny and Joon on DVD with the kid
  • Blogged
  • Now i'm jumping in to bed to keep warm again and get some knitting done (i'm making my own washcloths cause i'm cool like that) followed by getting some sleep so I can be all excited for tomorrow when my sister arrives from the UK

    Liane xxxx  

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