Saturday, July 25, 2015

Melbourne Day 3 - Melbourne Central and Little Collins Street

Our third day in Melbourne we all slept in and then headed out to check out Melbourne Central because I was looking for a Lush store and heard that they had one in there.

Our plan was to shop at Melbourne Central and then visit the Aquarium but we once again ended up shopping for the whole day. It was a very quick walk from Our hotel, Mantra on the Park to Melbourne Central. As none of us had breakfast at the hotel we stopped at the food court first and grabbed some coffee's and nibbles. I picked a cupcake from a little cupcake shop but I wasn't that impressed to be honest, i think I have had better at markets in Adelaide. The shop was quite cute though and the cupcakes looked amazing in the case, the taste just wasn't as amazing as they looked I suppose. 

After our quick pick up we looked at some shoe shops including converse where I found some very cool shoes but I didn't purchase them as they didn't suit me even though they looked super cool on the shelf :( it didn't take us long to get amongst all the amazing shops. 

Most of the shops were just your basic shops that you find anywhere but it was still exciting to see them in a different format. Gap was a good one to shop in, they had a big sale on while we were there so we spent a while browsing. I am going to be an auntie soon so my sister and I were looking at all the cute baby clothes in there. Forever New was there, which is my favourite shop of all time but I didn't go in there for this day because I had already shopped at the DFO store and I knew I couldn't afford most of what was in there. The store looked very fancy and huge so maybe next time I will go and check it out.
Shopping in GAP

Down on the lower level (I think) we found a sweet shop that we just had to go in. I came out with a box of Lucky Charms cereal, a Shaq drink for my husband and an Irn Bru drink. Then we finally found the Lush store YAY!

Ok the Lush store in here was quite small and not as cute as the Rundle Mall store I normally frequent but it was still amazingly cool. I spent so much time in here just smelling everything and browsing. After a while I emerged with my paper bag full of goodies including 2 bath bombs to add to my bathroom collection and I purchased the Mask of magnaminty (which I will blog review about later). When I returned home I purchased a little basket for my bath bombs so now they look quite cute in my bathroom :) 

We stopped in Dangerfield for a browse. We weren't intending to buy anything, I just wanted my sister to check it out as she had never heard of it. However they were having a sale on their very cool tshirts so my sister grabbed the last 'Jon Snow' top from Game of Thrones and I of course took a 'Sweeney Todd' shirt (my 6th johnny Depp shirt now) and a David Tennant, doctor Who shirt. I was very very happy with these purchases.

One of our group wasn't feeling well so she headed back to the hotel while the rest of continued shopping. We were planning a tram ride to Queen Victoria Markets but after a yummy lunch at Nando's we realised that the markets shut early and we had missed it. So off we went to just wander the streets. 

It didn't take us long to find Bourke Street Mall where we popped in to The Myer Centre. This place was absolutely huge and packed with people. My sister knew what she was looking for so it wasn't as stressful as H&M which was good. My sister ended up buying make up there which is where most of the shoppers seemed to be. 

Outside again I found a shoe store underground that sold converse, Nike, Adidas and more. I purchased a pair of converse in there for $60 on sale and my sister grabbed a new pair of Nikes which I believe were around $120. I had been looking for Converse all trip so was happy to finally find some. A few shops up we found a Dotti store where we purchased a few sales items.

Next street we checked out was Collins Street where we shopped in Ralph Lauren. It was my first time ever in a Ralph Lauren store and I felt so fancy in there. Staff were so wonderful in there. The best service we had in the whole of Melbourne and one of my sisters purchased one of their polo shirts. One of the most expensive purchases on the trip but worth it for her. Collins Street was full of all your high end shops like Louis Vutton, Gucci, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. It was a street that is designed for those who have too much money to waste. But it is still worth looking at for the shiny floors and classy people and the clothes are pretty damn amazing. I was just too scared to try anything on in case I accidentally touched the clothing with my Nando's eating hands. Or even worse, came out to show everyone and popped a button or something.
After that the shopping was over for the holiday. We all got what we were looking for and we were happy. Then it was just a very cold and dark walk back to the hotel. We saw a homeless man on the street and stopped to give him all our change. He was very nice and it really made us stop and think about the many homeless people around the streets. I definitely want to try and help or volunteer when I get back home. 

For dinner we just had a shared platter at the restaurant attached to our hotel as we weren't very hungry but needed to eat something. Yum yum yum! This platter fed us nicely and was only $18 we also grabbed some rum and cokes to go with the meal. 

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