Thursday, July 2, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 18

Something you crave a lot?

My biggest craving in the entire world is blankets and socks.  Yep you did hear right.......blankets and socks. I absolutely love winter because I go to work and all day long I just think about coming home to that blanket and putting a nice clean pair of socks. I crave it......all day long.

I own quite a few fluffy blankets and don't even get me started on how many pairs of socks I on. I am obsessed. socks are my most favourite thing to purchase when shopping. I love coming home from a shopping trip and opening up a packet of socks and putting them on for the first time. fluffy socks, stripey socks, harry potter socks, leg warmers, spotty socks, slipper socks.......you name it I probably have them.

The only thing that bugs me about my obsession is when my socks go missing and I only 1 sock from a pair. I get frustrated but it doesn't last long because I fill my need for matching socks by shopping for new socks which makes me happy again and so the cycle continues.

Anytime my husband makes the bed he always finds socks under the covers. Why?? Well that's a funny story.

You see I have a strange thing where I can't get into bed unless I am wearing a pair of socks, it's just not happening and it makes me anxious..........BUT when I am in my bed, I can't sleep with the socks on because it makes me feel claustrophobic so I take them off and push them down the bottom of the bed.......a week later when we go to wash the bedding, all those socks are found all squished and balled up.

So yep my craving for warmth and comfort is also a weird anxiety issue as well.

What do you crave a lot???

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