Tuesday, July 7, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 24

What's in your purse?

I have two purses in my handbag my little leopard print coin purse is super cute and I love carrying it around. I purchased it from Collette and it was a great price considering how classy it looks. In this one I just carry all my spare change for parking in the city and sometimes I put my credit card and ID in there if I just need a lil handbag for going out for dinner etc and my big purse won't fit. 

My main purse is this really nice maroon one which was a Christmas present last year from my daughter. I love this one because it fits so many cards in it as well as photos of me and my mum and also my besties from work.

This purse also has an awesome amount of space for money notes as well as a big zippered section for coins. I have so many VIP cards from different companies that I really need the card space. This purse is super cool because it has the usual card holders plus an opening on the back of the purse that holds another 14 cards. You can also slide cards and receipts into the multiple hidden pockets found all around the purse.

By the way my sister arrived safely yesterday from the UK and we are super excited to have her here. I am spending the rest of the day preparing for our Melbourne road trip. I will still be blogging while i'm away and when I have finished my 30 days blogging I will be sharing our road trip adventure with you all.

Liane xx

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