Saturday, July 4, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 21

A photo of something that makes you happy 

Oh my! Today has been the most relaxing day I have had in weeks and I am truly loving every minute. I have the day off work, my whole family is home, the house is tidy and the sun is shining. I basically just had to do a few dishes and the rest of the day has been lazy. I'm just about to throw some things into the slow cooker for dinner tonight and then I think I will get some packing sorted for my Melbourne road trip this week with my sisters. Super excited and I will definitely do a blog post for our trip.

But before I get in the kitchen I will share with you a photo that makes me happy! This photo I actually saw yesterday on Pinterest and I have never smiled so much in my life! I have found my dream pet I think.........

Now I just need to convince the husband to get a bigger house and the little puppy to go with it.
Wish me luck.

Liane xx

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