Saturday, July 4, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 20

The meaning behind your blog name. 

The Life of a Fairytale Wannabe

Ever since I can remember I have been fairytale obsessed. The prince charming, the castles, the dreams, the happiness, the flowers, the tiaras and the pink!

I have just always been a dreamer and I have never grown up properly, it's just not in me. I watch Disney movies when I am sad and I love love love any fairytale romance movie or story. Where the guy gets the girl or the girl goes travelling or the girl follows her dream.

I'm a dreamer and I believe in fairytales. Which is why my blog title was so easy to come up with. It was basically the first thing to pop into my head.

My blog is supposed to be about my life, sharing my journey with you as I live my dream. A dream I am still working on, but a dream that feels like a fairytale slowly coming true. Why do I want to share it with you????
Because one day I will prove that fairytale's do come true and that you can live a life as a grown up without actually growing up. You can enjoy life, be silly and have fun AND.........be an adult all at once. You don't have to watch the news reports or the MA rated movie or some docmentary (unless of course that is what you love).

Put that Disney movie on and enjoy it! dance in the streets, be silly at work, laugh with others and just spread the love! that's what I am about and that is what I want to share with you.....the fun times and the fairytales . I know my blog has been very here, there and everywhere but I am working on some new blog plans that will hopefully come into effect when I have finished my 30 day blog challenge.

Stay tuned!

Liane xx 

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