Monday, July 6, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 23

20 random facts about me

1. I am currently at work waiting for people to order coffees

2. My sister lives in the UK and she is arriving today to visit for me for a month! Excitement is big today! 

3. I love baking and cooking

4. I am dreading turning 30 next year :( 

5. My favourite thing in the whole world to do is snuggle up with my husband and watch hours and hours of TV shows with lots of snacks and blankies 

6. I don't get angry easily but when I do I can be a total bitch and it always makes me feel terrible 

7. I've only just in the last 2 years been obsessed with make up, fashion and perfume. Before then I never spent money on them. Fashion I was into but not in a cool way. 

8. I am obsessed with Youtubers! Which at my age sounds totally ridiculous but I just can't stop watching. Everyday I'm watching Zoella, Tanya burr, SacconeJolys, Gabriella, Anna Akana, Maddie Dawn, SprinkleofGlitter, Alfie Deyes, Jim Chapman and more..............guilty pleasures! 

9. I have two jobs both involve making coffee and both I have made great friends from. I love both my jobs and can't see me doing anything else. Although I think there are still a couple careers I wouldn't mind giving a go. Maybe in the future. 

10. I'm a celebrity buff and I'm always telling my husband stupid pointless facts about celebrities and movies. 

11. I love high heels so much they make me look amazing and I could spend all day buying them but I hate wearing them, they make my feet hurt and when I'm out I end up taking them off or they make me cranky when I just want to keep dancing but I can't cause my feet are blistered and swelling like a mofo! So yep I love high heels for about an hour. 

12. I have tried loads of different health kick diets and I can give up most things for a while.........but when it comes to giving up bread?? I'm out! 

13. I met my husband at the Video Store (i didn't know it at the time but he owned it) and I was the one to ask him out on a date. Girl power! 

14. Period dramas are my favourite things to watch and read. 

15. I can't stop buying books no matter how hard I try and I really really want to have my own library room one day.

16. I can't stand the smell of liquorice. It makes me gag. 

17. I don't like chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sundaes, chocolate thick shakes, chocolate sauce etc but I love love love chocolate. However I won't eat chocolate unless it is Cadbury or nestle and I don't like blocks of Cadbury dairy milk.........basically I'm a freak and everyone hates buying me chocolate. 

18. I want to travel the world 

19. I love singing and dancing but I can't sing and dance to save my life

20. I don't think my kids know it yet because they are kids and they probably don't think about it yet but those two humans are my whole entire world and my entire happiness comes from them and my husband being in my life

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