Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mask of Magnaminty - a Lush Review

A few months ago I was watching a Zoella blog on YouTube where she was doing a haul and she mentioned a store called Lush. As the clog continued she showed her collection of Lush bath bombs and I was instantly intrigued. A little while late I was watching Tanya Burr and she also was talking about this Lush store and sharing bath bombs on YouTube. I am a huge fan of both these channels and so I decided that I had to find out more but with my busy life (when I'm not watching YouTube channels in the middle of the night) I just forgot about it.

Then one day I managed to get in the city for a date with my Husband and I saw a Lush shop on Rundle Mall. Oh I was so excited and dragged him in to have a look. I have been hooked ever since. All the colours and the smells and the bubbly friendly staff who are all so happy to be surrounded by amazingness. It's truly magical and it's now my favourite shop. Luckily it takes a bit of a drive to get there otherwise I would probably go broke. 

On my recent trip to Melbourne, one of the first shops I wanted to find was Lush and we did find one in Melbourne Central. Yay!!! I spent ages in there and came out with some bath bombs and small pot of face mask called Mask of Magnaminty

I was super keen to test it out but I thought I would wait until I got home from my trip. I wanted to go home and have something new to entertain me. In the last two weeks I have tried it 3 times and I love love love it. 

There is a strong minty fragrance which is quite overwhelming when you first open the tub but it doesn't take long to adjust and enjoy the soothing smell of the mint. It has a slight green colour which looks like a face mask from a beauty magazine and it has a slight graininess to it that helps gently exfoliate your face as you wash it off. 

I find that the mask is super easy to use, every few days I just apply to my face jump in the shower (when I'm not washing my hair) and leave it on until I jump out and wash my face. Easy as that. It's just a 5 minute mask so it's quick and simple. Once it is washed off it leaves my face feeling soft and fresh, super perfect for a quick fix after a long day at work. 

The Mask of Magnaminty is a little pricey, for the smaller 125g tub it cost me $15.95. There is also a 315g tub for $34.95. However it is worth the cost I think as it is made with 100% natural ingredients, Lush is against animal testing and the pots are made from 100% recycled plastic. If you keep your pots  and bring them back to the Lush store they will give you a free face mask for every 5 clean pots you hand in :) 

So there you have it. If you're looking for a new face mask I highly recommend a trip to Lush for your fix. They have plenty of other natural products as well so head on down. I know I'll be going back very soon to try out some of their hair treatments. 

Liane xx 

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