Friday, March 25, 2011

Time for a nap!

2011 ~ the most tiring year of my life!

this year is proving to be a tiring one as i continue to tackle motherhood, being a loving partner, completing and passing year 12 studies and keeping up my craft business.
I must say i have never felt so overworked and tired but i don't want to give up anything....my love for my children and fiance keep me going at home.....my desire to be successful is pushing me at school and my love and passion for being creative and the way my craft keeps me sane pushes me to never give up on that :D overall even though i am incredibly tired everyday and some days i want to tear my hair out with stress and worry.......this year i am genuinly happy because i feel like i finally have a place and purpose in this world for the first time ever!

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