Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grumps Stress Love and Laughter

Today was full of everything in the title! Today is the third day of my new me mission and so far i have been good. Drinking much more water and have eliminated so much sugar from my daily intake. My body is starting to feel it though. My legs are tired and i'm craving the sugar. But i'm sticking to it because i know what i want.

This morning started a tad rough....i was in a rush for school which always leaves me a bit on edge, had the normal bad drivers on the expressway that like to get me really riled up for my day and finally got to school 10 minutes late. Thanks old lady who couldn't do the speed limit and kind truck driver who insisted on being a slow poke too.
Once i had settled into class my brain just wasn't there..........blah blah blah blah blah essay due blah blah blah hitler blah blah blah propoganda blah blah youth culture blah blah report due week 7.......gosh if only i could go back i'm sure there was important information there it just didn't register into my charming brain cells.

Finally got home just after lunch and was so glad to be greeted by my amazing fiance who made me a scrummy salad roll and don't forget the yummy blueberries and peach fruit salad i had made earlier in the morning ahhhhh i was feeling so much better already!

Then after doing some facebooking and getting started on the dishes it was time for my lovely kiddies to come home from their day at school. I thought about things that are coming in the future...my wedding, my honeymoon, visiting family, business ventures and all of a sudden i was back to my cheery self.

So yes my day started grouchy but i have noticed that eventually you see the important parts of your day...the people who matter....the way the clouds hang in the sky....a wish that comes true....love.
Something in your day even if its small always makes a difference if you just look for it.

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