Saturday, March 12, 2011


Everybody has dreams. Mine are probably more out there than most because of my crazy obsession with being happy and having the fairytale life. I watch these films and see princesses getting the prince charming and the castle. I see the films where the girl gets to live happily ever in some exotic location.

Is it such a crime for me to dream about crazy things that nobody ever really gets to do? is it so bad for me to want to be swept off my feet? to want to live in a cottage in the middle of a gorgeous village in an english countryside? to go on adventures around the world? to not be stuck in the same everyday rut for ever? to dance on a rooftop with the man of my dreams singing some corny ass song?

all these dreams and many more are my dreams and they are my dreams for a reason. They make me the person i am. If i didn't have my dreams i would be a sad depressed lump of nothing! without my dreams life just doesn't seem worth living! what would be the point of me living anymore if i didn't have something to look forward to if i believed that i was going to be stuck in the same rut for the rest of my life there would be no point in me carrying on i may as well just stop!

So what if i can't make the dreams come true......So what if everything costs a fortune and things just don't work like that.......so what if it isn't as easy as that? they are my dreams and i don't think i should have to stop saying them or believing in them.

My dreams are mine and i believe that they can happen!

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