Thursday, March 31, 2011

Letters From a Killer

Well.....this movie was definitely one that i picked up ONLY because it had Mr Patrick Swayze in it :P and a little bit because i had never heard of it before.

My thoughts?
It was a bit lame....but kinda intriguing. The first half had me hooked! man jailed for the murder of his wife but isn't guilty...well you just want to find out more there.......add 4 women who he writes letters to and all believe he loves them....now add a crazy psycho lady who finds out she isn't the only one and seeks murderous revenge......Now i'm hooked!

So what made it lame you ask?...well the plot kind of got stupid half way through...it changed from a creepy on the edge thriller to a silly slash fest and weird chases........then it redeemed itself in the last 10 minutes with a twist and decent but not great ending.

Should you watch it? Yep it's definitely something to watch once if your in the mood.......should it win awards? nope! Is patrick Swayze hot? yep hehe x

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