Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miss Busy Bee

So apart from all the homework and raising my two munchkins i have also been very busy trying to start up my new business and the last two weeks i have had some great offers and ordered some great supllies and i am soooo excited.

I have 2 market stalls coming up which i am working hard at getting all my items finished for and i have also ordered some business cards and other bits and pieces.
Ideas are flowing through my head all day which is really quite frustrating when i am trying to write an essay on hitler and my brain keeps ticking over what colour ribbon would look better! but it's all worth it.

I must say it is very tricky trying to juggle housewife duties, study, business plans and spending time with my fiance but i have to make it work because it all makes me so happy. In fact i haven't been this happy for a very long time.

So another part of the brand new me is under way :D

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