Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Leap Year

I absolutely adore this film! If you want to watch a romantic comedy.....this is the one to watch!
It was such a cute film and amy adams was as usual totally cute. Her character Anna flies to Ireland on February 29th because of the Irish tradition she has heard of that allows women to propose to men but only on Feb 29. Her partner is on a business trip and doesn't know she is coming.

A whole load of mishaps occur including planes and weather and she accidentally ends up on the wrong side of the country. Here steps in the absolutely gorgeous Matthew Goode (who i would totally marry just because of his gorgeous accent in the film) who is absolutely hilarious and they end up bickering all across Ireland as he tries to help her find her man.

At first i looked at the cover of this film and thought Meh! another romantic comedy nothing excited, and i ended up putting it back on the shelf about 8 times then my man decided to just bring it home one night and boy was i glad........now it is one of my favourite romantic comedies and i have watched it so many times :D

Enjoy! and even the fellas will get a few giggles out of this one ladies x

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