Monday, March 14, 2011

Dishes of the week 3!


Monday ~ Fish and Chips
Tuesday ~ Tuna Mornay
Wednesday ~ Bacon Carbonara
Thursday ~ Chicken Parmigiana w. Potato Bake
Friday ~ party night for my birthday so anything could happen :P
Saturday ~ Special Fried Rice
Sunday ~ Chicken Herb Burgers


Monday ~ Creamy mushroom tuna pasta
Tuesday ~ birthday lunch (something special)
Wednesday ~ Protein smoothie and fruit salad
Thursday ~ Turkey salad roll
Friday ~ fruit salad and non fat yoghurt
Saturday ~ Hot dogs
Sunday ~ indonesian noodles

ohhhh yummy :D i can't wait for this week's meals....tuna morney is being made especially for me for my birthday dinner by my lovely fiance who makes the yummiest tuna morney :D xx

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