Friday, June 19, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 9

A photo of the last item you purchased

Well yesterday morning I was finding it really hard to find any black socks to wear to work. Basically I work too many days a week and don't have enough pairs of socks so by the end of the week I end up with either mismatched socks or one dirty and one clean sock. I'm sure you know my struggle.

So on my lunch break at work I walked over to Target and bought a 5 pack of little black socks. Nothing special and certainly nothing exciting but there you go. That was the last item I purchased.

P.s in actual fact I am the biggest lover of socks. Any socks. Buy me socks for Christmas and I will love you! For real.......stripey socks, fluffy socks, slipper socks, rainbow socks I love them all. (I even have Harry Potter socks)

Liane xx

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