Friday, June 12, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 4

Favourite photograph of your best friend! 

My best friend Amber is the greatest!! I call her Cucumber and we only met a year ago but it feels like we have known each other forever. This photo was taken on my birthday a few months ago which was 80's themed (of course) and I had the coolest birthday cake which had a topless David Hasselhoff on it from Baywatch hahaha. Best birthday cake ever.

This photo is my favourite of the two of us crazy girls. Unfortunately we don't get to see each other every day now because Cucumber had to move back to her home in New Zealand unexpectedly. It has been sad without her but I know we will be seeing each other again in a couple years when she moves back and i'll be heading over for her wedding as well. We will always be besties though no matter what!!

Love her guts!

Liane xx

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