Wednesday, June 10, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 2

A photo of something you ate today! 

Well today's post is pretty simple. I actually spent all day thinking about it despite the simplicity of it. I couldn't decide what to show you as I had a pretty boring day food wise. This is quite unusual for me because most days I'm all excited about making food but I had a busy day and I wasn't keen on making anything too fancy. I had raisin toast for brekky in my rush to get out the door at 7am for work. Lunch I whipped up some scrambled eggs on toast with baked beans on the side. So in the end it was down to dinner to save the day. 

My kids had a school music night on so dinner had to be quick. I whipped up this yummy chicken and mushroom pie. It is a huge hit in my house and it is so easy to make. Just grab a cooked whole roast chicken (I grabbed a coles brand one) remove the skin and shred in a bowl. Fry some onion and mushrooms, throw in a tin or two of cream of mushroom soup (or if you love cooking like me and have time, I make my own mushroom soup) depending on how saucy you want it add a little water and cook until starting to thicken. Pour over your bowl of shredded chicken and mix. Then just grab some pastry and form pies. 

So quick so easy and so yummy!! 

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