Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meal Planning!

Ok I know I slackened off a bit on sharing my weekly Meal Plans. But I am officially back to being organised YAY!!! so here we go again......Every Monday you can come and see what will be cooking in my Palace for the week!! and don't forget to keep checking back regularly because I will be sharing some photos and recipes!!! 

This week in my Palace i'll be serving: 

Monday ~ Beef Hash and Jacket Potatoes, with Salad and Butter Beans/Bacon (a Jamie Oliver recipe)
Tuesday ~ (Mums day off so Rahni and Dad will cook ~ Simple Lamb and Veg
Wednesday ~ Egg and Bacon Pie with a Garden Salad
Thursday ~ Zuchinni and Pasta slice
Friday ~ Warm Sausage Salad
Saturday ~ Chicken Caeser Salad
Sunday ~ left over salad

Kids Lunch Box Menu

Monday and Tuesday ~ Ham and Salad Wraps, Homemade Banana and Honey Bars and a Fruit Salad
Wednesday ~ Chicken wings and rice, Jelly/Custard and homemade muffins
Thursday ~ Left-over Egg and Bacon Pie, Jelly/Custard and Homemade muffins
Friday ~ Left-over Zuchinni and Pasta slice, Homemade cookies and Fruit salad

Mum and Dads Lunch Menu

This week we will be rotating between:
Greek yoghurt topped with muesli and fresh fruit
Egg and Bacon
Salad wraps

Ok that is our week all planned out!! 
There will be some desserts somewhere in there but I will get to them later on as I haven't completely decided what the desserts will be........

Have a great week
Liane xx 

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