Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The books on my table this week!

In my world. Books mean everything to me. They always have and always will. 

I could never give up my books! especially not for any of that new technology everyone is using at the moment, tablets, ipads, kindles.....they are all just so odd! why can't people just read a book??? I don't know but I do know that books will always be scattered around my house and filling my book-shelves......

Another thing you should know about me before I continue, is that I am never reading just one book at a time! I tend to have at least three books going at once because i'm a girl and my moods are always different. Plus my imagination and personality is never satisfied with just one story! 

So here we go! These are the books that are in my handbag, on my bedside table and on the coffee table this week!...................

 Ok i'm going to show off this book first because it only took me 2 days to finish it! It was 'The Boy in The Dress' written by David Walliams, one half of the comedy duo from 'Little Britain'. This is Walliams first book and was a delight to read.

When I saw it at the book store I just had to buy it! Not just because I love David Walliams but also because the book is illustrated by the amazing Quentin Blake who is well known for his illustrations in Roald Dahl's books.......

I was expecting it to be a bit more funny and witty than it was but the story is so sweet and delightful that it doesn't need too much humour. But there are certainly plenty of giggles to be had.......

 Ok now for the book that I find so hard to put down! For those that saw my blog on the movie 'The Help', I finally went out and bought myself the book! eeeeek! and it is better than I could ever have imagined! Certainly my favourite out of the books I am reading at the moment! I am only up to chapter 3 but loving every second and every page!! (I will do a blog review on this one when I am finished so until then i'm not saying too much) :P

John Grisham's, 'The Innocent Man' is the book on my bedside table at the moment. This one is a funny one to describe! It is certainly a gripping story and a book that I should not be able to put down but although I am enjoying the read I have to keep taking breaks because it is a bit too heavy and depressing to read all at once.

'The Innocent Man' is the true story of the criminal justice system gone wrong. The fact that it is a true story is the most interesting part. So far it is really good and certainly does what it sets out to do! I am half way through now and haven't lost interest which is good!.......It is apparently very similar to Truman Capote's 'In True Blood' - which I have heard of and seen the Capote film, but never read.......I just ordered it though so it is next on my list! 

 And lastly we have another book where I have seen and LOVED the film but never got around to reading the book!! I recently watched the BBC version with Tom Hardy and fell in love so I figured I better get the book!

I only got it today so this one is on my coffee table after I read the first two pages! I will come back to this one later......hehe

Well there you go! that's what books are in my life this week! 
What books are you reading this week???

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