Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Never Give Up!

I think it is very safe to say that through my 25 and a half years of life I have never stopped having dreams! 
Sometimes my dreams come and go. Because some 
of my dreams are just phases or silly ideas but most of my dreams are dreams that I have had since I was a small child that will always stay with me! 

Dreams about that prince charming and the palace with the romantic storyline to go with it. The ones  we have all seen so many times in Disney movies! 

 And then there are the dream jobs. Obviously being me (the girl who can never stick to one thing) these dreams are the ones that mostly come and go!  But I always think that if I work hard enough and try everything I possibly can then one day I will find that one dream job that is just for me :) or maybe my real dream is to just keep searching! to always be on the move trying everything and keeping my attitude of striving to be the very best at everything I do!

 When we dream we are not supposed to get our dreams straight away I have learnt that from years of experience!

You don't get that dream guy from sitting on the couch watching disney flicks and sometimes are dreams aren't what we pictured in our heads at the age of eight! Who thought that my prince Charming would actually end up being the guy from the local video store? and I never would have believed that my palace would actually consist of a small cottage style house with two gorgeous children and a fiance with normal situations, emotions and feelings?

From my imaginations I saw a palace from the likes of Cinderella with a Prince Charming that looked like Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid and a fairytale story from the likes of Beauty and Beast.......but though they are the dreams we envision because of books and movies that is not exactly what we need! what do we need? we need the fairytale that we really want the dreams the create a world of our own because honestly who wants the dreams of somebody else? when we can have our own dreams and our own fairytale fantasy!

My dreams will always have an element of the fairytale I envisioned because that is just the kind of person that I am. I am a child at heart! and always will be but now that I am much older my dreams are also full of reality and a bit of common sense!

But no matter what any of our dreams are wether it be getting that fancy car, finding our soul mate, getting that great career or being talented at something none of us will get those dreams without persistence and hard work! without these two elements dreams just do not come true!

We have all seen Pinocchio where he wishes on a star! and we all know that he had to work hard to finally become a real boy! well it is no different for us, in order to fulfill our dreams we have to give to the world and we have to work hard and never give up! even the disney films show us that! but yet I still see people every day giving up so easily.

If dreams were supposed to be easy then life would be incredibly boring!! Dreams help us live a life that we want, they make us think about the world and what we want from it. People who dream have the potential to live life to its fullest, people who really dream and have hope are the ones who feel and appreciate each other. Because we know how hard it is to reach our goals.

So if you have a dream don't just let it pass you by, keep fighting for what you believe in and push yourself to the limit to get your fairytale because it's not going to find you!


Keep smiling

Liane xxx 

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