Thursday, October 16, 2014

Book Club and Other Adventures

So I have been sick the last few days and feeling pretty miserable. My throat has felt like razor blades, my nose is all stuffy, I sound like a man and my ear hurts..........other than that life is swell :) 
I'm especially happy about my new life adventures this week. In spite of feeling sick I certainly did get off my butt and get involved in life as much as I could. 

One thing that has put a massive smile on my face is that I FINALLY joined a book club! Yay!! It's only been about 20 years of me dreaming of being in a real life book club. I joined up today in fact and picked up my first book 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak. I'm super excited already and I have a few weeks to finish the book and then get talking away. How awesome!! I will get to talk to adults about books......my life is almost complete yay!! 

I joined a gym......again! 
I know I joined the gym before so this isn't such exciting news BUT this one looks so much better than the other one, much more friendlier and welcoming AND i am back into motivation town and can feel my life heading in the right direction so I need to keep fit to keep up! 
I have also been looking at some photography classes, writing classes and videography classes. I would really like to find some hobbies that inspire me also that will allow me to be expressive and all about me. The book club I joined today also has a writing workshop so that is my first step and as for photography etc I am saving up for a good camera. I would very much like to start a Vlog and see if I can practice playing around with cameras so stay tuned for news on that! 

I'm not the only one that has started some new adventures this week. master 11 has decided to try out table tennis at the local club. I'm so happy to see him trying to get out and about and have fun with other kids. It always great to see kids living life to its fullest instead of hiding away in dark spaces and being part of the community is the best thing you can do. I am trying my hardest to get out there more and inspire my kids. 

Ciao for now 
Liane xx 

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