Monday, April 28, 2014

A bucket list, Jeffrey Deaver and a new career!

So it's the start of a new week and the future is looking bright!

A couple of weeks ago I got myself a new job.....yep the excitement was incredible! I have been looking for a job for years now and a couple weeks ago I got the phone call that started my new outlook on life......
That's all it took, one phone call! Everything just seems to be falling into place right now so I'm walking around being all positive Polly. 
Ok back to the new job.....i am working for a bakery/coffee shop that is right near my home (I know right?, I get to work doing what I love AND don't have to drive far to do it) and it means that I will be able to start saving for my new bucket list and finally feel more independant! Perfection :) 

Bucket List? I hear you say......well yes! I started a bucket list. At the moment it contains 57 items of things to do before I die - I have made a collage and it is hanging in my dining room to remind me to save and get prepared for these adventures! I'll put up my bucket list here in another post soon :) 

This is my life quote at the moment! 

Another cool thing happening here at my humble abode....I have found a new love.....Jeffrey Deaver! A friend was selling some old books and I grabbed a few of them - this was months ago mind you - and I finally sat down and started one called 'The Vanished Man' 
I could NOT put it down and finished in just a few days....loved every second! 

As I excitedly explained the plot to my husband, including the description of the detective in a wheelchair, my husband announced that it sounded very similar to the movie character from The Bone Collector......this is where I put two and two together and realised that I was actually reading that same characters stories.....Lincoln Rhyme! I am now half way through 'The Bone Collector' novel and I have also purchased a few other Lincoln Rhyme adventures :) 

If you haven't read any of these Lincoln Rhyme thrillers I think there is about 10 or 11 different books in the series and I highly recommend them from what I have read so far so if you are a thriller buff get on it! 
In saying this I think I'm a bit slow and you have probably all heard of them haha this happens to me a lot.....I'm always the last to discover cool things

Liane xx 

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