Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So far so good!

Ok so I know that I haven't been on here at all in the last few months and I must admit I have really really missed blogging but life has been a crazy adventure the last few months.

Just some of the work crew!
I am still working at the cafe which is the biggest reason for my lack of blogging. I have had lots of work days to get used to but I am SO in LOVE with my job it is absolutely bonkers! I   have made the greatest girlfriends imaginable at work, I love them to bits they make every day such a joy. I love being sociable with real people now instead of being a sad little lump that sat in my house all day dreaming of being sociable and thinking that Facebook was my only hope.

My customers are funny, quirky, adorable and crazy......they make every day so enjoyable and sometimes I want to kill them but who cares life is great :)

I closed my little handmade business down from online to focus more on my new job and my family and friends. Although I already miss it it has been a huge step for me and I am so grateful to have more time to spend being me and I get to focus on my health and well being more as well.

Speaking of my health I am currently working on a new health kick.......I know, I know......,for the millionth time I am trying a new health kick, but so far so good. I have been drinking plenty of water and I have cut back on my coffee consumption incredibly. I am quite proud of myself.
I definitely don't want to lose weight so I am not on a diet as such, more of a healthy and natural eating plan to stop me from feeling down in the dumps and tired all the time.

Another thing that has brightened my spirit the last few months is getting out of debt!! Yep you heard right I officially paid off all my old debts, stopped the annoying phone calls asking for money that I just didn't have and I even started a savings tin :D life is damn good!! I'm thinking a family holiday next year is in order with the way things are going and let's just say that my family need it after last years miseries.

Well that's enough from me for today. But stay tuned for more blogs as I plan on being a more active blogger. Sharing some recipes, some life joys and family adventures with you all!

Ciao for now
Liane xxxx

P.s I cut my hair! hehe new life, new adventures new ME :D

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