Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Wedding, Bali and New Year!

Well I haven't written on my blog for a really long time. Months and months and months in fact. I must say that I have missed it but during the end of last year I wasn't feeling very inspired as my Mum passed away and life just got jumbled up. 

2014 has been a great yer so far and it has very much brightened my spirit again and made me more inspired to be better at everything. To embrace life and live in adventure. 

On February 1st I married the man of my dreams and it was the best day of my life! Despite the 43 degree heat we had here in Adelaide. I probably picked the wrong dress with all my 16 layers of tulle and more but it was all worth it. The day ran perfectly and I was and still am the happiest woman in the world. 

After our wedding I was able to go on a honeymoon with my Husband and being my first real holiday it was like a dream and I learnt a lot about the world outside my little house in Adelaide. We went to Bali and my oh my what a culture change. I loved every second and it was so refreshing to see such community spirit and family love over there. I think I bought a little bit of that back with me. I want to be more involved with people and spend more of my time in the company of family and friends. 

The food over there was so similar but SO completely different. So wholesome and organic. it made me realise just how much crap we put into our food. So I have started being more wary of what I eat. I have pulled out my juicer which has been in my cupboard for a couple of eyes now and I now use it everyday! 

I will be using my blog to share my dreams, my love of food and my new found love of gardening and probably all the other things I plan on trying out this year. 

Stay tuned and keep smiling!
Love from me xxxxxxx

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