Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well it is officially 2012!

Although I accomplished quite a lot in 2011, including completing and passing year 12 and starting up my new online business, I just wasn't satisfied with the way my life was going.

2011 was a funny year. I got far but didn't get far at the same time!

But through the tears, tantrums, giggles and fun I have decided that it is time to settle down, grow up a little bit and get myself sorted out! So here are my 2012 New Years Resolutions:

~ To get Fit and Healthy
2011 saw me getting sick a lot just due to being unhealthy! more vitamins and healthier eating and exercise could easily fix this! so new menus and zumba could be on the cards this year :)

~ Get into University
All I want is a decent job! so I can provide for my family! University is my first step!

~ Writing (finish and start new projects)
One thing I rediscovered over 2011 was my love for writing fiction and I have applied to do a creative writing course at uni! but wether I get in or not I want to write more this year :)

~ Be More Organised
As far as paperwork, school work and business i'm the most organised person on the planet - but look at my house and it is a different story! it is time to be a better housewife and be more organised at home!

~ Get out of debt
Yes! not having a job has proved rather difficult as well as my bad shopping habits! so this year it is time to start a savings jar, stop ridiculous spending habits and get rid of all those past debts!

~ Learn to Swim
Yep! you heard right. I can't swim, in fact being in the water scares me to death! but living in Australia it is one of the main recreations to do! with water slides and pools and the beaches! So this year it is time to tackle the fears and get in the water and swim swim swim.......eeek this one is the scariest on the list for me and will take some time but it has to happen!

~ Run a successful market
This year I have been asked to take over the running of a market! the idea is crazy and fun and I am so excited! But it will take hard work, patience and organisation to get it right! so another goal! make this market amazing! easy right :P

Last One:

~ Be more social and get out and about
This year I was always busy or just too tired and catching up with people was just too hard but it took its toll on me emotionally! i miss people, i miss conversation and so this year I plan to make more of an effort to catch up with people even just for an hour with coffee. I also plan to get out more with my fiance! talk more and spend more quality time together :D

So there is my resolutions for 2012! Some will be tough and some will be easy but I hope to get them all sorted this year!

What are your New Years resolutions?

Liane xxxxx

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