Saturday, January 7, 2012

Places I would love to visit!

One thing I absolutely love about pinterest is finding pins that show pictures of places I would never find or know about because unless you know the name of all these places you would never look them up!

Some places I want to visit because of their quirkiness! Like this:

This funky house is located in Dublin, Ireland

Or the quirkiness like this:

'The Crooked Forest' in Western Poland

But then there are places that I want to visit just because of their beautiful views and fairytale qualities....Like this gorgeous place:

Taken in Bojnice City, Slovakia

And then there are places that remind me of my home in the United Kingdom.....and provide me with the happy feeling I get when see cottages and country villages....like this:

Bridge Tea Rooms, in Bradford-upon-avon, England

These places are just a small example of all the wonderful places in the world that I would like to visit and experience! It may take some time and a LOT of savings but one day I will get to them all :D

Liane xx

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