Friday, December 16, 2011

Pinterest - School Holiday Style

Well today is officially School Holidays and Christmas is fast approaching!
So we all know that the next week is going to be chock fu
ll of christmas cheer and fun! Family gatherings for the kids to
enjoy, great christmas movies for them to
enjoy and lots of ch
ristmas shopping to organise but once Christmas is over the bor
edom of holidays start to set in and then it is Mummy's job to entertain!
These holidays my plan is to get some fun activity ideas from my new favourite website:


So here are just a few of the ideas that I will be try
ing with my kids these holidays :D

Now my kids are getting older so little activities just aren't exciting anymore! So with an 8 year old and 12 year old I need to get creative:

These donut felt toys look so fun and simple to make.....i' m sure my kids will love making them!
And i'm sure Miss 12 will love to sit down with me and make some of these super COOL friendship bracelets! yep these will bring hours of fun i'm sure :D

There will be plenty of time over the next 6 weeks to get some baking done and these pinwheels look soooo scrummy and FUN!

DIY Clay! need I say more?

Can never get enough of baking! i'm sure the kids will love to create these no bake cake batter balls! YUMMY! and mummy makes cake pops often so i'm sure will these will bring some extra inspiration to my world :D

So there are 5 crazy and fun activities for me to get busy orgainsing! So excited!
I'm sure there will be more......so keep an eye out for future blogs!

What activities will you be doing with your kids these holidays?

Liane xx

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