Sunday, December 11, 2011

An Early Unexpected Christmas Gift!

Well this week we have had some adventures.

This gorgeous little kitten has been roaming our garden for the last week....waiting on the doorstep everyday for the kids to get home from school and sitting patiently in the back garden catching some rays and crying for food!

We didn't want to feed the little one in case she never went back home to it's owner but after waiting for days and the poor thing never leaving we decided it was time to take some action.

After hunting the neighbourhood for the owner and having nobody claim her. Mummy (that would me) decided that we should feed her.
Daddy hates cats and has always told us that we can never get a cat!
But it seems even Daddy couldn't resist this gorgeous face!

And so last night the little one (whom Daddy has named Tsuki) was fed and given somewhere warm to sleep and is now a part of the family! much to the excitement of the kiddies :D

Tsuki is a wonderful addition to our family!
She has had no accidents in the house and is extremely cuddly and friendly!

We hope she enjoys staying with us......

Liane xx

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