Friday, December 16, 2011

Fitness Box!

When kids are at school they manage to get learning, reading and fitness all during their school day.....but what happens when they have no school for 6 weeks.....well the answer is simple!

They slack off and end up like couch potatoes!

Well Mummy has decided that these Christmas Holidays we will be trying something new!!

So today we came up with the Fitness Box !

The plan is for the kids to choose an activity from a box....activities will be either small activities such as 50 star jumps or big activities such as a family beach walk......

Here are the papers we wrote out today...........

These will all go into this box...made out of an old cherry punnet box! which isn't completed yet (we still need to glue bits on and make it funky)

The aim of the box is to get the kids involved in phyiscal activity everyday during the holidays! and also spending some quality family time with each other in the process!!

Today we did some dancing!! The kids played Dance Central on the Xbox 360 which I must admit is a real workout!! And then Mummy did a 20 minute express Zumba workout (with Mr eight copying the moves alongside me)

I hope the kids enjoy it!

Liane xx

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